top 3 benefits to volunteering with PWB as a photographer/videographer:

  • Give back. It is common to see nurses, doctors, teachers and engineers volunteering their valuable time and talents to various causes. Photographers and videographers are no less valuable. Finally there is a way for photographers and videographers to give back in a meaningful way.
  • Legacy. Our selection process is competitive, so being selected for one of our projects is an honour and an opportunity to improve your brand and image. Our PR team will do their best to make sure your story is heard and our coordinators empower our photographers and videographers to tell their own stories. 
  • Publication. All of our projects are featured on our website and in our print magazine that is published semi-annually and sold internationally. Photographs and videos from our program go on to be featured in our magazine, exhibits, blog, and various other publications including the CBCRangefinderNational Geographic, The Economist, SLR Lounge, the UN-HABITAT 2013 HandbookBeach MetroGuttenberg PressAlternavoxPhoto Life, Vistek, Hart House Camera Club and many others.