Some general guidelines to keep our creative juices flowing and create informative and interesting content.  Our blog needs a "human face". Variety and personality is key!

  • Features on the photographers  - put up their photo, a couple photos that they've taken etc. People love to be appreciated.
  • Guest Bloggers - allow guest bloggers to post commentary and share their experience and expertise - if they have a blog on our site, this means they will be sharing this on THEIR social media - (give them a word limit, general topic, and a deadline)
  • Interview experts/organization directors -  A 10-question blog interview with an expert in an area related to our mission/program (professors, government officials, esteemed professional, organization directors etc. Short video interviews can be great too)
  • Features on the charities with photos or short video with info about the country and issue.  
  • Short blogs about upcoming projects
  • Educational Blogs - topic examples:
  • Empowering women and children in developing country (i.e. Peru)
  • Food security and vulnerability in Tanzania
  • Elephant poaching in Africa
  • Adoption and clinics for stray animals worldwide
  • Children's rights and homelessness in Nepal
  • Post-conflict resolution in Uganda 
  • Poaching and black market        
  • Share and comment on breaking news - if a story is breaking when you get to work in the morning, and it is related to our mission/program, write up a quick two-paragraph summary or commentary about the breaking news story, add a link to the original source, then distribute the blog post. People are much more responsive and likely to share your blog post if its subject matter is related to a breaking news story.
  • Write Numbered Lists - 10 ways you can help fight poverty - 8 benefits of volunteering - these lists make great content for e-newsletters as well.
  • Highlight special donors - fund-raisers, and volunteers - these posts help show our appreciation to our most valuable supporters and create an incentive for other supporters to do and give more. Though most of them won't come right out and say it, many appreciate public recognition for their contributions. Keep these brief, include a quote or two from the person being highlighted, and definitely add his/her picture.
  • Write short blogs on where we've been featured and regarding what topics
  • Follow up with organizations and ask what changes they've seen since dealing with PWB, what the experience of working with us was like, and the impacts on their community.


What we do matters!!! Let's let everyone know!