Country:      Mexico

Location:     Chiapas, Mexico

Dates:      TBD

Project Length:  10-14 days

Application Deadline: July 31st, 2016

Project ID: 1608_Mexico

ABOUT THE CHARITY The organization was started in 2013 by a man that discovered a magical place with a unique energy; a place rich in history, culture, and traditions, Chiapas. The organization work to combat poverty by turning, in an innovative and integral way, the talents that the indigenous women of Chiapas have into income for their households.

PROJECT DETAILS The volunteer will work with the organization to show people the reality of the communities in Chiapas and the difference that can be made. They’ll focus on showcasing the different talents and special skills of the women in Chiapas that are part of their traditions. The volunteer will also use their skills to tell the story of the various indigenous communities and their way of life that can be shared with people around the world.


Proficient in photography or videography
Willingness to immerse in local cultures
Respect to cultural sensitivities
Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
Open to new experiences
Experience in overseas development
Experience traveling abroad in developing nations