Colombia Festiva is a non-for-profit organization that aims to inform and attract tourists to the culturally rich Colombia by bringing awareness to the thousands of festivals that the country hosts each year, it is without a doubt a country of festivals. Over a year, Colombia Festiva has noted over 3,000 festivals in all of Colombia; there are musical, gastronomic, sport, cultural, religious, harvesting, and other nouveau festivals all over Colombia. 

Colombia is filled with celebrations and traditions that have been structured by the combined European, African and Indian heritage. Colombian festivals are diverse and heterogeneous, and allow the people to socialize, unite and strengthen their rich and addicting culture. 

Seeing the true passion that the Colombia people have, has changed the way I think of the country. They are a country struggling with their worldwide reputation and they desperately want other people to see and know them for what they are. A country full of colors, traditions, and deep passion.
— Rachel Naft

The talented Rachel Naft took a journey to Bogota, Colombia to work with Colombia Festiva in March 2014. She discovered and documented the colourful, breathtaking cultural festivals, carnivals and fairs that burst with culture. The main focus of her journey was the Carnival in Barranquilla, which is the second largest Carnival celebration in the world. Rachel was able to interact with festive Colombians, learn stories, cultural traditions, and the pride that is within each Colombian during their celebrations, and the pride they want to share with the world. 

I think once people see how amazing and gorgeous this country is they are going to want to visit and once they visit they will keep going back!
— Rachel Naft

Colombia Festiva will continue towards recreating a new image of beautiful Colombia by exemplifying its colourful festivities and people in hopes of overriding the negativity that history has painted of Colombia.


I felt like I am doing a part to help break down the wall of misunderstanding for the country.
— Rachel Naft

About the Photographer

Rachel Naft is the owner of RMN Photography.  For the past eight years she has been a full time wedding and portrait photographer based out of Washington DC. She loves to meet new people, travel, and experience locations beyond the normal tourist spots. Nowhere is off limits!

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