1. PROPOSAL Send proposal letter with correct subject line from your PWB email. Always be sure to contact the executive director and find out what their email is if you can only find generic email addresses. Follow up with phone calls and second emails if necessary if you receive no response after 4-5 days.
  2. QUESTIONNAIRE If organization is interested, send a project questionnaire (be sure to use the most updated version). Book a Skype call if they have any detailed  questions or if there are communication issues.
  3. MOU Once you receive the questionnaire, approve the budget with the Director of International Programs (DIP) and have her give you the completed MOU. Send the MOU to the organization.
  4. JOB DESCRIPTION Send the signed MOU and completed  job description template to DIP. 


  1. CONTACT Contact the in-country coordinator to let them know about the photographer(s) that have been selected. Send them the photographer's Health Information & Release so they are aware of any health issues they may not be able to accommodate in as soon as possible.
  2. WELCOME PACKAGE, NEXT STEPS, DATES Send a welcome e-mail to the photographer with GroupRev page login  info, GroupRev instruction sheet, Fundraising Guide, and link to "Next Steps" to your photographer(s) (this is their guide to deadlines). Ask what dates work within the organization's timeframe and what their departure airport is. Remind them to start looking into vaccinations and visas (if necessary). Coordinate dates if there are 2 people.
  3. FLIGHTS Ask the photographer if they want to book their flight on their own or with Flight Centre. Do a quick google search to see the estimated cost of the flight for the photographer 
  4. PREP PRE-DEPARTURE PACKAGE Begin prepping pre-departure package. This should include a Country Profile, Health and Safety document, Photography Guidelines document, PWB Note Sheet, and a rough Itinerary with info on accommodations and distance to site.
  5. PROGRAM FEE Make sure payment for program fee  is made 30 days from signing contract* whether it has been fundraised or not. Again, out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed if the photographer fundraises the amount before the deadline for their fundraiser.
  6. SEND PRE-DEPARTURE PACKAGE Send pre-departure package after program fee payment is made.
  7. BOOK FLIGHT If the photographer is booking with us, connect with Christina or Jon at Flight Centre to book flights either a) when the photographer wants to book (photographers who pay out of pocket will be reimbursed if they fundraise the amount later); or b) by the deadline to book flights (no later than 8 weeks prior to the project start date).* In all cases, PWB books flights and insurance through Flight Centre.
  8. FLIGHT INFO Collect and record flight information, copy of passport and insurance no less than 8 weeks before the project start date (the earlier the better). Send this to the in-country coordinator so that they can schedule airport pick-up.
  9. INTRODUCTIONS It is now time to introduce the in-country coordinator and photographer. Be sure to ask to  stay in the loop with their communications as the photographer(s) will likely ask many more detailed questions at this point.
  10. INVOICE (ORG) Send an internal invoice to the ED for expense reimbursement to the organization (airport pickup and accommodation). Send organization payment via the ED no less than 4 weeks before the project start date.*
  11. PRE-DEPARTURE SESSION Schedule a pre-departure session for the photographer with the DIP right away. The session should be booked for a time no less than 14 days before the project start date.* This will cover the specific photography-related project details, not project-related questions.
  12. BON VOYAGE Send a "Bon Voyage" email 24 hours prior to the photographer's departure* wishing them a safe trip.
  13. WELCOME BACK Send a "Welcome Back" email to the photographer within 24 hours of their return, asking them to fill out the feedback form and reminding them about the following: Feedback forms and edited images/video are due no more than 2 weeks from your return date. Photographers must give us their work directly and we will share them with the host organization. Photos should be 300dpi high resolution jpeg format at around 10MB each.
  14. INVOICE (PHOTOGRAPHER) Collect invoice from photographer and reimburse photographer for all expenses and close out fundraising page. Keep record of how much money is raised beyond they photographer's expenses so that we can send the appropriate funds to the organization.
  15. SEND IMAGES/VIDEO Send the organization photographs and images via dropbox. If the organization can not accept images digitally, burn high res images to DVD and mail to organization (keep and submit all receipts for postage for reimbursement). Ensure the organization has received the images.
  16. ALUMNI Add the photographer's email to the "Alumni" List in Mailchimp.

Important Notes:

  • Remember that you must cc the Director of International Programs (DIP) and Executive Director (ED) on all emails.
  • Keep all receipts and always create invoices on PWB letterhead for all transactions incoming or outgoing.
  • Everything is in Dropbox under "International Program."
  • * Denote deadlines.
  • All payments must be made to the photographer's GroupRev page.
  • The better your relationship is with photographers and organizations, the easier it will be if mistakes happen! Show that you care! :)