Location: Central Himalayas (exact location announced to accepted volunteers)

Flexible travel dates: Fall 2014

Application Deadline: June 1, 2014

Name of host organization: Announced to accepted volunteers


The organization believes that educating women is the most powerful way to address societal limitations. By promoting literacy, the organization creates new opportunities for both men and women to gain greater access to secondary and tertiary education while also providing job access to non-traditional occupations. As a result, gender equality is reinforced as women are educated and empowered to raise happier and healthier families. The organization is effectively building the capacities of women and children by providing education in the fields of information technology and science, using a classroom-based teaching approach, and providing library access to students.


Gender bias inhibits development of women, restricting them to home and hearth roles. Girls are more likely to drop out of school & get married in the early ages of 16-18 yrs (UNICEF Child Marriage report 2012) thus denying education and life skills necessary to handle life’s challenges. Female literacy lags at 70.7 % (National Census). Women remain dependent on men during all stages of their lives. Lack of education and awareness is a handicap when it concerns maternal health or raising families. In principle Uttarakhand (the Indian state where the organization operates) promotes IT education through schools. However, there remain numerous barriers to the success of IT education programs in the area. In most cases, the IT equipment is neither maintained nor functional. While, remote areas lack adequate staff and technician support. The knowledge and skills that beneficiaries gain from the program will help them access higher education and careers options that extend beyond their traditional livelihoods.

Lack of staff and technicians in remote areas is another issue. The computer & science education program presently engages women and children from isolated mountain communities (where infrastructure and facilities are limited) - especially those belonging to the socially marginalized or economically deprived sectors of society. Single mothers, women and children with disabilities are especially encouraged. The knowledge and skills that beneficiaries gain from the program will help them access higher education and careers options that extend beyond their traditional livelihoods. We are hoping to document the lives of people that are both affected by the charity as well as the woman who started the charity.


The PWB Volunteer is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with PWB employees, field staff, and fundraising networks.  As a part of this role, the PWB Volunteer will apply their knowledge of social photography to take hundreds of stunning images, amass field notes, develop and implement a fundraising plan, and coordinate activities with the International Outreach Coordinator.  The PWB Volunteer will serve as the liaison between the host organization partners, external stakeholders and PWB staff by following photojournalism practices to obtain quality images and/or videography content, achieving mass attention through fundraising activities as well as creating a public exhibit of their work.  All volunteers must complete a mandatory pre-departure training. A 5-month commitment is estimated, including a minimum of 3-months preparation prior to travel, 1-3 weeks of field work, and a gallery of edited images/video, no less than 2 weeks upon return from assignment.  Post-project, volunteers are welcome to join our alumni, which may include outreach activities and occasional assignments. 


  • Experience in photo-documentary and/or photojournalism
  • Committed to respecting and promoting human rights
  • Knowledge of international affairs work
  •  Cultural competence and sensitivty
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Time-management and leadership skills

The following criteria are advantageous:

  • Experience with overseas development in the global south
  • Second language: _______________


  • $950 USD (click here to find out more about program fees)
  • NOTE: Program fees must be paid 30 days upon being accepted to our program. It does not include your airfare, visas & vaccinations, travel insurance or personal pocket money.  Accepted volunteers are set up with a fundraise page on our fundraising platform to offset the program fee AND additional expenses.


If you are inspired by our cause and are ready to contribute to a dynamic organization, please submit your application by following the prompts after the APPLY button.  Candidates are expected to 1) complete an application form and application fee and 2) complete a phone evaluation interview.