Country: Ghana

Location: Kumasi

Dates: Summer/Fall 2015 (Exact dates can not be guaranteed. Find out why here)

Project Length: 2 Weeks

Application Deadline: May 31, 2015

Project ID: 1526_Ghana


This organization’s mission is to create lasting solutions to help combat the poverty and injustice that women and youth face in Ghana through sports, education, career development, health and agriculture. 


The projects aim is to build awareness around the many projects the organization has taking place in 2015, mainly focusing on their agribusiness initiative and their bamboo bike project. 

The images produced will be used on the organizations website, social media sites, and catalog. Ideally the images will support the efforts of better telling our story and help in fundraising efforts that will support these projects in various communities in need. 



  • Experience in videography
  • Experience in photo-documentary or photojournalism
  • A flexible and a positive attitude 
  • Be culturally sensitivity and adaptable  
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Committed to respecting and promoting human rights 


  • Experience in overseas development in the global south
  • Experience travelling abroad in developing nations