photo by art zaratsyan

photo by art zaratsyan

Country: Kenya

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Dates: Spring 2017

Project Length: 14 days

Application Deadline:  TBD

Project ID: 1708

About the Organization:
Established in 2009, this community-based organization’s mission is to help improve the livelihoods of people who work in a dumpsite through education, skill enhancement, and microfinance. In combatting poverty, this organization aims to create a channel for communities to realize their dreams through information and awareness creation.

Project Details:
This project will require documentation of this organization’s efforts in realizing its mission and goals. Coverage will capture the rehabilitation of children, youth, and woman through programming and supports such as education, vocational training, and sports, which is used as a tool to engage its community members. This organization works towards not only making its community sustainable within the job market, but also, aids its members to create job opportunities within their own communities.    

    •      Experience in photo-documentary or photojournalism
    •      Proficient in photography and videography
    •      Respect to cultural sensitivity as you will be working with vulnerable people on sensitive topics
    •      Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
    •      Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient
    •    Experience in overseas development
    •    Experience travelling abroad in developing nations

PROGRAM FEE $1,670.00