Country: Nicaragua
Location: Masaya, Nicaragua
Dates: July 2015
Application Deadline: May 30,  2015

Project ID: Casa_1503

The charity has the mission of assisting the poor and underprivileged, anyone without access to fundamental resources or any person or organization who will benefit from such assistance that they are able to offer. They will provide assistance by creating social projects that seek to provide such resources where they are missing and seek volunteers to participate on these projects employing their skills and enthusiasm to further our objectives. In addition, this Organization will also place volunteers with locally founded social organizations who share their goals.  They will also seeks grants and donations in order to increase the scope of our efforts

Photographer/ Videographer:
The goal of this project is to capture the ways in which the organization is improving the lives of local Nicaraguans through their work. This Organization works with the Nicaraguan people in a diverse array of project fields such as education, agriculture, sustainability, technology, and animal care. They believe that the most effective way to truly help Nicaragua is by working with and contributing to the pre-existing projects and foundations already created by the Nicaraguan people.


We are seeking a Photographer and Videographer for this Project
• Experience in photo-documentary / photojournalism / videography
• Committed to respecting and promoting human rights
• Respect to cultural sensitivity
• Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
• Adaptable to new and different situations

Experience in overseas development in the global south
Speaks Spanish