Photo by Nicholas Giombi

Photo by Nicholas Giombi

Country:      Panama
Location:     Pedasi, Panama
Dates:     Separate Photographer trips-  April2017 & October2017
Project Length:  14 days
Application Deadline: TBD
Project ID: 1633

This NGO is a “living laboratory” located on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula. Their focus is on sustainable land use.  They combine community outreach with science and fieldwork to create models that are scalable and replicable worldwide. This organization’s mission is to preserve the earth’s ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and promote healthy communities by helping people make informed decisions, take sustainable actions, and share knowledge.

This project will include taking photographs during the wet (October) and dry season (April) to showcase the drastic difference in water flow in key tributaries of Oria, Rio Adentro, Rio Caldera, as well as water flow in the Venao region. The focus of this project would be to highlight the vulnerability of the Azuero peninsula and how climate change has impacted the region due to the drastic seasonal precipitation variations.



  • Proficient in photography/videography
  • Willingness to immerse in local cultures
  • Respect to cultural sensitivities
  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
  • Open to new experiences


  • Experience in overseas development
  • Experience traveling abroad in developing nations
  • Fitness to climb hilly terrain in full sun
  • Spanish language preferred
  • Facility with interacting with kids and elderly people
  • Ability to travel in a “shoestring” fashion