The Noble Causes of Issue #3

Love Animal House - Sandra Salvas, Photographers Without Borders

Love Animal House - Sandra Salvas, Photographers Without Borders

By: Jacob Halpenny

We are happy to announce Issue 3 coming August 1, 2015. Below are the projects being featured:

i)                    United Planet Peru - Barbara Delgado

United Planet Peru is an organization dedicated to global health, child education and environmental sustainability. Mantad Molin, the Peru Country Director, has facilitated United Planet Peru’s efforts since 2003. Interested volunteers will be happy to know that the program supports a Baledo Turistico (tourist pass) that allows for free entry to the major museums in Cuso.

ii)                   Life Start Foundation, Vietnam - Kimie James

The Life Start Foundation in Vietnam is celebrating a new space in Hoi An old town. The foundation supports efforts that provide a fair trade shop, traditional painting, and lantern making classes. Available to volunteers is a new program that offers a new and free daily Vietnamese language class. The foundation is an excellent outlet for Vietnamese arts and crafts creating sustainable income- independence which focuses on adults with disabilities.

iii)                 Shiksha Alok, India - Lisa Xing

A foundation that focuses on promoting non-traditional work practices in rural mountain communities, Shiksha Alok is a foundation that prides itself in promoting gender equality. Focusing on promoting a future of educationally aware women, Shiksha Alok proves that women too, given the proper opportunities, can become successful providers.  

For more information about Lisa's journey, click here

iv)                 Vervet Monkey, South Africa - Kevin & Sheryl Minnett

Established in 1993 within the Limpopo province of South Africa, Vervet Monkey operates a monkey sanctuary for the endangered species nestled in the town of Tzaneen. The sanctuary provides asylum to more than 500 primates and promotes coexistence between the Vervet monkeys and human beings. Volunteers of the organization study the lifestyle and the environment of the Vervet monkeys. The organization has recently begun to promote a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle to encourage sustainability. Volunteers will find themselves engaged with everyday hands-on activities that includes providing care for the monkeys.

To learn more about Kevin and Sheryl's project, click here

v)                  Elimu, Kenya - Art Zaratsyan

Initiated in 2005 with the act of bringing two boys to kindergarten, Elimu now runs four educational projects in Kenya with the end goal of developing the into educated self-reliant individuals. Elimu promotes a “stay in school” sponsorship program, the “Heri Ministries” sewing project, an Upendo Nursery School, and the “Nyumbani Kuetu Home for Children and Sponsored Families”.

To learn more about Art's project, click here

vi)                 SOS (Sumatran Orangutan Society), Sumatra - Gita Defoe

Dedicated to preventing the extinction of the critically endangered Sumatran Orangutans, SOS organizes grassroots programs with the intent of protecting the fragile rain forest the Orangutans call home. Some projects by SOS include; restoring endangered habitats, campaigning issues that threaten the Orangutans and raising awareness for the importance of the defense of these remarkable creatures.

To learn more about Gita's project, click here

vii)               ART Uganda (AIDS Resistence Trust Uganda) - Caitlin Healy

A community based organization registered with the national NGO board of Kampala Uganda in 2011. ART Uganda was founded in January of 2008. The Trust focuses on providing HIV and AIDS care and support, raising awareness for gender and gender based violence, reducing HIV and AIDS related stigma, HIV prevention for orphans and vulnerable children and psycho-social support.

To learn more about Caitlin's, click here

viii)              El Porvenir, Nicaragua - Caroline Leal

Beginning with the vision of healthy, well-educated Nicaraguans achieving a better, self-sustained quality of life. Carol Harper began El Porvenir in 1990 with the intent of improving the standard of living through such projects as; water sanitation, health education and watershed management projects. Village residents are made responsible for the long term maintenance of all projects with staff responding to requests in the community.

To learn more about Caroline, click here

ix)                 ATBAWA (The Akpatu Traditional Birth Attendants Women’s Association), Ghana - Amber Kissner

ATBAWA is a remarkable association that helps in the fostering of new Traditional Birth Attendants in Ghana. Operated by a husband (Pewudie Emmanuel) and wife (Asare Regina), ATBAWA manages a network of over 150 TBA’s. The association adamantly trains in the practices of sanitary and safe birthing practices and helps spread awareness of the reality of Malaria and HIV in the country. For a country that endures rolling black-outs and has limited access to professional healthcare TBA’s are a viable and encouraging presence in the miracle of the birthing process.

To learn more about Amber's project, click here 

                  x)                  Mision Gaia, Colombia - Michael Bednar

Based in Minca Colombia, Diana Benincore Reyes, is the director in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region. Sierra Nevada is traditionally plagued with low standards of education for children, insufficient opportunities and high poverty rates. Some of the program’s initiatives include; sustainable tourism, animal health and well-being, and education.

To learn more about Bednar's journey, click here

xi)                 Give and Surf, Panama - Nicholas Giombi

This is not your typical NPO. Family focused with the aim of providing sustainable empowerment for indigenous communities in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Give and Surf provides communities with pre-school, after-school, surf outreach mentorship, English programs, music programs and more! The initiative also offers a gnarly option for volunteers to ride the waves and learn how to surf! The website also sports a handy 24-hour surf forecast for the region.

To learn more about Nicholas' journey, click here

               xii)               Love Animal House, Thailand - Sandra Salvas

Housing over 90 animals formerly unwanted or abused. Love Animal House focuses on educating others on the importance of animal welfare in society. Offering services that report crimes against the animals, Love Animal House also works on petitions for new laws to help better protect the animals of Thailand. 

To learn more about Sandra's journey, click here

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