Sierra Leone is Forever

By: Jacob Halpenny

Popular culture has a way of sensationalizing humanitarian efforts. Kanye West's song "Diamonds From Sierra Leone", and Leonardo Dicaprio's Hollywood film "Blood Diamond" helped push awareness of Sierra Leone to the forefront of everyone's mind. But as the 2000's came and went and new issues began to emerge supporters became less involved in Sierra Leone, Ceasing to be topical Sierra Leone lost the star powered momentum that had so greatly helped its cause.

Sierra Leone is a tropical, west African country. With approximately six million inhabitants divided into 16 multi-ethnic groups Sierra Leone predominantly consists of members of the Temne and Mende ethnic groups. Religiously Sierra Leone is largely Muslim with a considerable Christian demographic, while other countries in Africa and the Middle-East have endured the violent outbreaks of religious Jihad-ism; Sierra Leone remains one of the most religiously tolerant countries in the world.

Unfortunately the peaceful inhabitants of this wonderful place have endured the ravages of a long and consuming civil war. Brought upon by corrupt government and economic mismanagement, Sierra Leone has loss critical educational centers and schools. Fortunately the People's Foundation of Sierra Leone has helped alleviate some of the hardship. 

Founded in 2009 by Christina Bucholtz The People's Foundation of Sierra Leone upholds high values of education, peer mentoring and HIV/AIDS sensitization. The foundation's vision is built on the hope of creating "A vibrant Sierra Leone where emerging leaders inspire and create sustainable social change." The foundation's focus surrounds 4 core beliefs: 1) everyone is equal and unique 2) people thrive in experiences of love and hope 3) all people have the potential for further growth 4) all people have something to give. Following these values The People's Foundation of Sierra Leone hopes to actualize their vision and restore Sierra Leone to the safe and thriving country it's people need.

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