The Best Photographers for Inspiration - Part 1

By Lisa Milavic

There are images everywhere on the internet, but maybe you haven't been “WOWed” in a while. If you are looking for some creative inspiration, or to escape from your daily life for a few minutes, you must check out the amazing work by these professional photographers. They have been chosen by our very own photographers, and have helped inspire the non-profit work done here at Photographers Without Borders. In no particular order, this is what the PWB photographers came up with when we asked, “Who is your photography guru for inspiration?”

1. The Adventure Photographer - Chris Burkard 

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Photo by Chris Burkard 

Photo by Chris Burkard 

Chosen by PWB photographer, Scout Hebinck.

“Right now it's Chris Burkard. He's young and was established at seventeen as a surf photographer and now does more landscapes, night photography and travel. He produces beautiful photographs of isolated places most people do not go to, or are too intimidated to travel to, but puts it out there for you to yearn for.”

2. The South African Documentarian - Brent Stirton

Photo by Brent Stirton

Photo by Brent Stirton

Chosen by PWB photographer, Rohit Lakhani.

“I love the photos of Brent Stirton. His photography hits a sensitive spot in me. His photos touch on several sensitive topics such as in the way humans treat animals. His photos also show the human side of life. They are eye and heart openers and hopefully will help us get out of our comfort zones so that we become more conscious of and caring towards animals and other people."

3. The Social Documentarian - Sebastiao Salgado

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Photo by Sebastião Salgado

Photo by Sebastião Salgado

Chosen by PWB photographer, Art Zaratsyan

"I love his aesthetic, his composition is flawless, the tonal range of his work is full of rich, silvery goodness. His love for the planet Earth, for its inhabitants shows in every photograph. I have absolute respect for the fact that he doesn’t wait for assignments, how he doesn’t care if anyone will publish his work or not—he just goes out there and shoots whatever he finds interesting, important, valuable. I admire him for the simple truth that he doesn’t bend for the world, he bends the world for him. I hate knowing that he’s aging, and he will be gone one inevitable day and the world will feel that much poorer to me… Salgado, to me, is close to the ideal of the humble compassionate eyewitness, like whom every documentary photographer should strive to become."

4. The Wedding Photographer – Jennifer Moher

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Photo by Jennifer Moher

Photo by Jennifer Moher

Chosen by PWB photographer, Megan Ewing.

"I love everything about how she captures love; candid moments, raw emotion, a sense of movement and natural light. Her eye for movement is what inspires me as a photographer because it's not something many wedding photographers do or do well and every photo of hers captures a different 'mood' and brings the viewer into the photograph."

5. The National Geographic Photographer – Steve McCurry

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Photo by Steve McCurry

Photo by Steve McCurry

Chosen by PWB photographer, Marc Champagne.

"Steve McCurry has always been an inspiration to me because he has a remarkable talent at capturing the emotion of his subjects and leveraging natural light to further emphasize this emotion. His images are some of the purist portraits I've ever seen."

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