1. First 2 nights in Medan at a nice hotel, 2 people per room unless they pay to upgrade. One day is an orientation at OIC and we can even take a trip to the Medan Zoo to see how bad it is. (Day 1-3)

2. Then we go to Bukit Lawang for 2-3 nights and do trekking 2 days and stay at Sam's. Again, if people want to be alone they need to pay a room upgrade. (Day 3-6)

3. We pass through the sanctuary land on our way to Lake Toba on the morning we leave.

4. Lake Toba for 3 nights to unwind before a trip to the restoration site to plant trees in everyone's name. (Day 6-9)

5. Fly back to Medan for 1 night to relax. (Day 9-10)

6. Restoration site for just 1 night I think. (Day 10-11)

7. Back to Medan to unwind before flying home. Those wishing to do diving in Pulau Weh can stay on an extra 3 days. (Day 11-12)