Raising Voices (RV) is an organization based in Kampala, Uganda, working towards the prevention of violence against women and children.  Their work attempts to influence the power dynamics that shape relationships between women and men, girls and boys and adults and children by championing social change in communities.

When RV began in 1999, they found that the prevention of violence against women and children "was rare in our field". Individual activities were "rarely addressing the societal roots of violence". RV twelve-year review document notes that today "prevention pervades discourse internationally", and notes their role in creating this change.

They envision "relationships, families, and communities where women and children’s voices are heard, their rights are respected, and they can live free of violence." Funding comes from many foundations, aid agencies and private individuals such as the Canadian International Development Agency, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, the Ford Foundation and many more.

RV has approximately 30 staff who work at Activism, Innovation and Influence towards reducing violence against women and children.

Raising Voices networks broadly to engage local, national, regional and international practitioners and leaders.

The organization has found success because of a dedicated of staff who are about more than words, but who listen and allow themselves to be challenged and changed by community members, their partners, as well as by the values and principles they seek to implement.

RV produced the Good School Toolkit that has been implemented in over 450 schools. Feedback received from more than 50 of those schools was overwhelmingly positive, acknowledging that the Kit was instrumental in creating a process of reflection on how to create better a school.

Photographer Henry Vanderspek journeyed to Uganda and visited 9 different schools in just 10 days. This unique photo-documentary project aims to show the impact of the Good Schools program through a series of shots and portraits of the countless number of children, teachers, education officers and others the program is reaching. Through Vanderspek’s lens, the viewers gets to see the brilliant light, hope, and opportunity of a country, its community, and its people.


About Henry Vanderspek

Henry VanderSpek is a Toronto photographer who enjoys capturing documentary, event, music and street images. He loves cross-cultural engagement, having worked with refugee settlement assistance in Toronto (2001-2004), and with World Vision youth leadership programs across Canada and in East Africa (2004-2012). Henry’s photos have been published in Canadian newspapers, World Vision publications and websites, and on CNN.com. In 2012, he won first prize in Vistek Camera’s Photo Challenge in the category of “Joy”. His images can be seen at www.culturesnap.ca.  

To donate please visit: www.grouprev.com/raisingvoices

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