Photo by Claudia Quigua for Grace House

Country:      Cambodia

Location:     Siem Reap, Cambodia

Dates:      July or October

Project Length:  10-14 days

Application Deadline: TBD

Project ID: 1631_Cambodia


75% of rural Cambodians still lack steady access to soap, this NGO seeks to address the critical need for hygiene. Working in Northern Cambodia since 2014, this organization has sustainably supplied over 125,000 disadvantaged Cambodians with soap for hand washing. They also work on significantly reducing the waste generated by the tourism industry, as well as help provide livelihoods to Cambodian women with no other reliable source of income.


This project will include visiting a number of soap workshops as well as documenting the collection of soap from the local hotels. There will also be several school/village trips where the NGO distributes the soap and educates the residents about the importance of hygiene. The focus of the project is to showcase that hygiene should be viewed as a fundamental human right and we can greatly reduce the number of hygiene-related illnesses by giving Cambodian’s access to soap and organizing learning workshops.  

Proficient in photography or videography
Willingness to immerse in local cultures
Respect to cultural sensitivities
Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
Open to new experiences

Experience in overseas development
Experience traveling abroad in developing nations