PWB is run by dedicated STAFF & volunteer MEMBERS.

Danielle Da Silva

Danielle Da Silva, Founder & Chief Manifestor

Danielle is an acclaimed photographer and director whose main focus is storytelling to empower people around the world to solve the most challenging problems. She is also Co-Founder of the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary and sits on the board of Toronto's Sexual Assault Action Coalition. 

Danielle's research and experience have led her to believe that without remembering the needs and motivations of people, we can not tackle such problems as climate change and conservation effectively. As a result she has become an avid student and teacher in the world of campaign psychology. She has earned an Honours Bachelor of Science Degrees in Conservation Biology, Psychology and Global Studies from the University of Western Ontario, as well as an MSc. in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics. She has published research in the book Climate Governance in the Developing World (Held, Roger & Nag, 2013) and completed a distinguished Master's dissertation exploring the psychology of climate change messaging. She has had images published by National Geographic, the United Nations, The Economist, and the book Cities, Slums and Gender in the Global South: Towards a Feminised Urban Future (Chant & McIlwaine, 2016), among others. Danielle has worked with hundreds of NGOs, travelled to over 60 countries, and learned more than 6 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, some Swahili (and is currently working on Arabic, Indonesian and ASL). Her proudest cinematography achievement to date is having Sir David Attenborough narrate over her footage of Sumatra and Sumatran orangutans for the prestigious Whitley Awards. She is also the creator and director of the PWB TV web series. She is the recipient of the Canadian Top 30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders Award and has been nominated for Canada's Top 100 Powerful Women 2016, 2016 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards, and the 2015 Women in Biz Social Good Award. One of her first major lectures was a TEDx talk on the importance of photography and grassroots narratives. She is an instructor for the Environmental Visual Communications program's Multimedia Narratives module taught at the Royal Ontario Museum, she teaches photo documentary workshops around the world and is also sought after for public speaking engagements.

Suzanne Powell - Photographers Without Borders

Suzanne Powell, Global Program Director

Suzanne works in Graphic Communication Management and holds a Bachelors Degree in English Literature and Psychology from Trent University. She is an intuitive and deep rooted observer. Suzanne achieves a greater understanding of people and the cultures that surround her using her passion for photography as a means of art and observance. With a keen sense of composition and colour, Suzanne promotes the impact of photography as a means to expression and storytelling. Combining her love of travel and exploration, she hopes to make a significant contribution to bring about awareness and compassion to some of the most deserving international causes, worldwide. 

Tallie Garey, Photography Curator

Tallie Garey is a passionate artist and advocate, holding her BFA majoring in Photography, from OCAD University, and Post Graduate Certificate in Environmental Visual Communications from Fleming College and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Her passion for making a positive change in the world mixed with her unique creative eye and diverse education and background encouraged her to find her own path in photography. She often blends her concern for environmental and social issues with her love for creative design, embarking on her own style of conceptual photography marked with a deeper purpose. Tallie has worked and volunteered with organizations such as Canadian Geographic Magazine, The Royal Ontario Museum, The Ontario BioBlitz and Earth Day Canada.

Jacqueline Flaggiello, Photography Curator

Jacqueline has a background for International Fashion with a focus on Design and Communications after studying at ESMOD School of Fashion and Business in Paris. Through continuous travel and various freelance photography projects, Jacqueline has cultivated her appreciation for photography into a lifestyle.



Kadidia Ba, Digital Marketing & Communications Manager

Kadidia holds a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and has a passion for helping organizations define, develop and improve their digital communications strategy - including social media & website - and develop their online presence in order for them to reach their goals. 

She is always been very interested in photography & videography as well as in the impact that they have on people. She loves that Photographers Without Borders uses those tools to achieve such a positive purpose and is excited to be a part of that initiative. 

Nila Sivatheesan, Social Media Coordinator

Nila is a passionate environmentalist, visual storyteller, and avid dreamer. She holds a BSc in Environmental Biology and a postgraduate certificate in Environmental Visual Communication from Fleming College and the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). She thrives in the photographic and social media realms, creating measurable positive change in the form of strategies, visuals and online engagement. The natural world is her biggest inspiration and she tries to bring that beauty and inspiration to her viewers in the hopes of it  igniting a much needed spark of awareness  towards the importance  of protecting our Earth. When she's not creating strategies or behind a camera, you will probably find her exploring nature, behind a good book, or planning her next trip to a new part of the world. 

Marnie Salsky, Global Program Coordinator

Marnie brings over a decade of experience working in the not-for-profit sector to Photographers Without Borders. In addition, she is an award winning freelance photographer.  Marnie is excited to combine her dual passions of social consciousness and her belief in the power of photography, to help Photographers Without Borders continue to make a difference within the global community. Marnie holds a Master of Health Science Degree from the University of Toronto

Alice Liu, Global Program Coordinator

Alice currently works as a Program Officer for Canada and holds a Hon. BA of Arts degree from the University of Toronto (St. George). Growing up as an immigrant from China has led her to develop a deep appreciation for what Canada offered her and family. For this reason, Alice is passionate about giving back and helping out the community both domestically and internationally. With her experience in working with NGOs abroad, Alice is hoping make meaningful contributions around the world while remaining in Canada. One day, Alice hopes to launch an organization that aims to improve the welfare of residents in developing nations.

Ciara Lynch, Global Program Coordinator

Ciara is a Business and Biotech graduate who aspires to make a meaningful and vibrant change to the world. Ciara recently moved from Ireland to Toronto to explore a new and diverse culture. Her love for photography and want to be involved in volunteer organizations, lead her to PWB. Ciara has ten years' experience in customer focused roles and currently works in the clinical research industry. Using this experience and colorful personality, Ciara hopes to bring a meaningful contribution to PWB, as well as feed her interest in photography and storytelling through media.

Nicole Rafalovich, Event Coordinator

Nicole works in not-for-profit management and event planning industry. Prior to obtaining her graduate certificate in Government Relations from Seneca College, Nicole graduated from York University with a Master’s degree in Political Science. A multi-talented go-getter, she is passionate about incorporating her love for event management, travel and immersive story telling. Nicole hopes to use her experience in event planning and communications to generate powerful stories and content to communicate PWB's mission and encourage positive change.


Daniel - Photographers Without Borders

Daniel Ignacio, Graphic Designer

Daniel studied Communication & Information Technology in University of Toronto and also holds a certificate in Digital Communications in Sheridan College. He specialized in graphic and web design, and narrative long-form journalism writing. Most of his projects are aligned with promoting social awareness, social justice, and improving the lives of others. Early in his post-secondary years, Daniel discovered the field of documentary photography and he became intensely passionate about it. Daniel has worked on projects documenting life in a slum neighbourhood in Manila, village life in northern Philippines, and the unique aspects of the Philippine culture. He has volunteered with organizations engaging with indigenous people of the Philippines. Daniel also has a strong background in Cultural Studies as a part of his post-secondary program, and now he is active in the discourse of Filipino Diaspora.

Maggie Kent, Marketing Assistant

Maggie is soon to hold an Honours B.A. in Sociology from Queen's University. She is very interested in social media and the power that it has to spread positive messages and promote positive causes. She is currently writing her undergrad thesis on how social media has changed the face of travel practices. Maggie is very interested in travel and art, specifically photography, so PWB was a natural fit. Her goal is to help incite positive change with PWB and help the organization grow in Canada and beyond.

Myroslava Stadnyk, PR & Outreach Coordinator

Myroslava is a certified PR practitioner and copywriter, with volunteer and work experience in the non-profit sector. She holds a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations from Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education and a BA degree in Criminal Justice and Political Science from Ryerson University. Myroslava is a social justice advocate, and she is passionate about building awareness, advocacy and relationships between organizations and key stakeholders. She is also a digital media and photography enthusiast, and someone who believes change starts with a conversation.

Shena Mistry, Change Management Lead

Travelling to 23 countries (and counting) has introduced Shena to incredible people, distinct cultures and diverse ways of working. She finds her greatest motivation in wanting to help organizations embrace change and figure out how to develop a resilient workplace that meets the needs of employees and drives results.

Shena is distinguished by her genuine interest in people, her focus on collaborative team building and her ability to nurture relationships and provide solutions that lead to organizational success. With a background in talent acquisition and corporate partnerships, she has worked with clients across numerous sectors including local government, retail, sports, non-profit, hospitality, real estate and education. Her business talents started at a young age and continued to bloom while enrolled at Queen’s University where she graduated with Honours in Politics and Development Studies.  After Queen’s, she headed to England to pursue her Master’s in Urbanization and Development at the London School of Economics.

Shena is inspired by photography, development projects, street art and nature. She also loves sticky toffee pudding.

Stephanie King, Spanish Translator

Stephanie is a translator specializing in Spanish and English, though she is also fluent in French. Her passion for translation derives from a love of languages and learning about the cultures and societies that come with them. After graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor's in Spanish language, she worked as an ESL teacher and translator in Spain and Chile, giving her the opportunity of becoming trilingual. Working and living in different countries has provided her with a unique perspective on social justice and community development, which she also hopes to contribute to here in Canada. 

Christine Hogg, Co-Editor & Journalist

Christine is a story-teller by nature, evident from her enthusiasm for creative writing and photography. Growing up, she first fell in love with story-telling and photography at the age of 4, after curling up and pouring over ancient stacks of National Geographic magazines, illustrating wild adventures from around the globe. By the age of 15, she had purchased her first DSLR, upgrading from an old Polaroid and trading snapshots of Barbie dolls and Beanie Babies for real people and landscapes. In 2015 she graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, accompanied by an Advanced College Diploma from Centennial College in Journalism. Prior to graduating from the University of Toronto, she studied Honours Communications at York University for a period of 2 years, strengthening her understanding of digital media, popular culture, patterns of social human interaction and media ethics.

Christine has a passion for human rights and investigative journalism, which led her to coming on board as a journalist for PWB. An avid freelance writer, she is always interested in finding the “bigger picture” which captures a subject’s spirit and emotions, and doesn’t shy away from asking the hard questions. She connects with people easily and welcomes conversation and questions with an open mind. Like every journalist, she never says no to a good cup of coffee, at any time of the day.

Paul Esposti, Video Editor

At some point, everyone has a pivotal moment that defines—or redefines—the course of his or her life. Mine came when I took part in a photo documentary workshop in Costa Rica with Photographers Without Borders. Inspired by what I had learned and having seen first hand the power of photography to engage the world as we see it, I decided to dedicate myself to effecting change through images and their creation. From that point forward I knew that I wanted to make photography—understood in the broadest sense—my career.  

To expand my knowledge and skills I enrolled in the Environmental Visual Communications program where I added videography and documentary work to my skill set, as well as an understanding of the essential need for compelling storytelling to accompany beautiful imagery.

Samantha Burton, Co-Editor & Journalist

Samantha once fervently believed that she was defined by fear; having suffered from social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder as a child, and peaking into her teens, she felt isolated, different, weird, and alien. Growing up she found that her mental health issues opened avenues that may not have been offered to her had she not branched outside herself to seek aid and understanding. She found deep connection with others first deeply through music, then quickly via a plethora of wonderful mediums of expression: film, writing in poetry, short fiction and novels, identification with fictional characters, actors, psychiatric workers and patients alike, men and women of every race, orientation and attitudes a ceaselessly flowing sea of interests that overflow her mind and bedroom as books, paintings, conversations, television/films, manuscripts, self-help books, meditational practices, and comparing indulgences in sex, food, beverages and intrigue. Her hunger for knowledge often fills her days rapidly. Simply, she has found a constantly evolving peace in the arms of art and the people in her life who accept her on both her light and dark days. Life is full of typhoid and swans; the study of life is an intricate blend of soft and hard, of horror and awe. She longs to put herself into the shoes and perspective of the ignored, the hurt, the silent, the stricken and forgotten, and to tell their stories through the platform of art that innately reaches for connection and understanding.

Mehek Mazhar, Journalist

Mehek is a journalism student who aspires to be a quality storyteller. She is currently in her fourth year at Humber College, where she's been trained to take on the digital age of news; meaning Mehek produces video, audio, and written pieces for online. Mehek has completed a reporting internship with The Express Tribune, a leading English-language newspaper, in Peshawar, Pakistan, focusing on topics such as the Afghan repatriation issue, work opportunities for the transgender community, and women's rights to health care. While Mehek reports on political matters more frequently, her passion is to explore the world, learn from the people she encounters, and bring fresh stories home. Mehek gets down to work by remembering the wisdom of Joan Didion, "We tell ourselves stories in order to live..."


Mariana D'Alberto, Journalist

Mariana has a degree in Journalism from the Pontifical Catholic University in Brazil, and studied International Business in Canada. She is a passionate about culture, arts, design, and photography, and wishes to follow a career that contributes in a positive way with society. Her gypsy soul makes her believe that she doesn't belong anywhere, and motivates her to keep travelling as much as she can, witnessing different people and realities, and absorbing everything the world has to offer.


Kevin Brennan, Journalist

Growing up in rural Ireland, the importance of family and community have always been important to me. Taking part in local clubs and organisations, I really began to understand what "community" meant, and how we can change society through social action.

Having completed my BA in English Literature and History, I decided to move to Toronto, to fully immerse myself in a world of diversity, and to try and decipher my next step in life. Toronto has become my new home, where I find myself wanting to get involved in the community once again. As a writer with Photographers Without Borders, I can blend my love of writing and photography to help make a difference.

Living in a globalized world has opened my eyes to how connected we all are, especially in the age of social media. I believe we can all help one another in the fight for universal human rights, political freedom and climate change. Every word we write, and every photo we take can incite action.

Robert Lowrey, Journalist

Rob thrives off of producing stories through various multimedia platforms. Currently enrolled at Humber College for the Bachelor of Journalism program, Rob utilizes the skills and knowledge he’s learnt to create the most thought provoking story. As a queer man, Rob has an intense passion for social justice issues - specifically LGBTQ+ injustices and success on a local, national and global scale. Combining his passion for activism and storytelling, Rob hopes to make a difference through his work at PWB. When Rob isn't telling stories, he’s working at LUSH cosmetics, exploring Toronto, or sleeping. Rob is thrilled to join the Photographers Without Borders journalism team.

Jeff Garriock, PWB TV Co-Director & Cinematographer

Jeff is a cinematographer & video editor with nearly ten years experience in the field. He's worked in over 15 countries shooting video and photos for various travel initiatives and destinations. Jeff is passionate about the power video has to connect people from different walks of life and different countries around the world, and hopes to use his position at PWB to do just that - connect people. He's worked with companies ranging from National Geographic to the Toronto Maple Leafs, the CBC, University of Waterloo and many more. 

Michael Sacke, Grants Writer

In 2011 Michael was invited by an NGO to visit refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and the Occupied Territories. During this visit, he got to see firsthand how the devastation of war impacted innocent people and children. The experience created a need in him to assist others impacted by the devastation of war. 

Michael has spent his career in investment management and related fields.  He has worked across the full value chain of investments including investment consulting, treasury, investment management and financial engineering.  His experience spans several investment classes including index funds, real estate, fixed income, equities and most recently impact funds.  He has also worked extensively with First Nation communities in the area of endowment and community funds.  He has worked in several countries around the world including South Africa, Canada, and Switzerland. 

Michael holds a Masters degree in Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership from Carleton University, a Bachelor of Commerce Honours (Investment Management) from Rand Afrikaans University and a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics from the University of South Africa.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys skiing, sailing, travelling to interesting places and spending time with family and friends, as well as his dogs Sam and Silka!

Samantha Maquera, Video Editor

Samantha Maquera was born in the Philippines and moved to Canada when she was 8 years old. She's been interested in film studies since high school, inspired by her grade 11 communication technology course where she studied graphic design, video effects, editing and photography. She then became involved in extracurricular activities such as television production as the editor and helped to promote her high school's Free the Children committee by editing videos. Furthermore, she continued her studies in film and television production in Trebas Institute located in Toronto. She was a production assistant in three student films and involved in post-production in two short films. Macro is now working on her own short film and spends her spare time editing movie and TV show trailers. 


Nicole Hrinco, Board Chair

Chantal Da Silva, Journalist

Phil Spitze, Founder of PWB USA

Tracey Buyce, USA

Denise Miller, USA

Official PWB Photographers:

Mel Hattie - Project 1948

Sarah Tobi Ann - Village Health

Emma Changose - VARAS

Madison Rahhal - Child Support Tanzania

Aimi Duong - Mufindi Orphans

Susanna Avery Lynch - Glona

Ron B Wilson - Long Way Home

Caroline Petters - Indo Relief / L’auberge des Migrant

Kelly Wenzel - Thaakat Dreams

Joey Panetta - Tibet World

Angela Conners - South Vihar Welfare Society

Robyne Hayes - Maya Traditions

Jenna Ammerman - Action for Children in Conflict

Kristan Lau - Sunfarmer

Maggie Svoboda - Seeds of Peace

Tim Greer - Proyecto Horizonte

Tanya Garcia - Light and Leadership

Sandra Salvas - Love Animal House

Gita Defoe - Sumatran Orangutan Society

Nicholas Giombi - Give and Surf

Kate Buechner - Raintree Foundation

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Annie Vickery - Care Net Akatsi

Caroline Petters -  Indo Relief

Claudia Quigua - Grace House

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Rachael Santillan - Bright Generation

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Margaux Yiu - Maun Welfare Society

Kenya-Jade Pinto - Tackle Africa (Uganda)

Scout Hebinck - One 4 Another

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Rohit Lakhani - GHEI

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Kevin & Sheryl Minnett - Vervet Monkey

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Connie Tsang - Casa de la Panchita

Josh Hobson - United Planet Tanzania

Sandra Laurin - Avanti

Talia Ricci - Avanti

James Kao - Avanti

Lais Viera - HEART Japan

Pam Forster - HEART Japan

Rebecca Eby - Lotus Children's Home

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Danielle Da Silva - Olive Branch for Children

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