Country: Tanzania

Location: Dar es Salaam, Mufindi, Tanzania

Dates: November/December 2015 

Project Length: 2 Weeks

Application Deadline: October 30, 2015

Project ID: 1534_Mufindi

The aim of our NGO is to provide shelter, sustenance, education, and medical care for orphans and foster families in Tanzania. Their goals are to curtail the spread of HIV-AIDS, to teach life skills (language, fiscal, vocational, self-sufficiency), and to create hope and opportunities for future generations.

As the needs of the community change, so does the project scope. In the early years, an immediate need for vulnerable child care due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic was addressed through the creation of the Children's Village. This was considered only a temporary fix without the infrastructure to improve community health and access to education. Following the constructions of an Education Department the focus was on Early Childhood Education and Student Sponsorship.  There is currently work in three branches of development: Vulnerable Childcare, Healthcare and Education. Each of these branches works hand-in-hand to provide support to children and families.

    •      Experience in photo-documentary or photojournalism
    •      Proficient in photography and videography
    •      Respect to cultural sensitivity  as you will be working with vulnerable people on sensitive topics
    •      Excellent interpersonal and communications skills
    •      Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient

    •    Experience in overseas development
    •    Experience traveling abroad in developing nations

$1,150.00 USD

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