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About Us



PWB is a global nonprofit organization committed to telling stories that make change and facilitate the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We recognize that the threats to the environment and humanity are urgent and interconnected, so our goal is to empower and elevate grassroots initiatives that are taking the lead on addressing these issues. Every year we connect hundreds of volunteer storytellers (photographers and filmmakers) to our NGO and community partners on assignments through our PWB Program and inspire new generations of storytellers through PWB School and our other initiatives and resources.

OUR Values

We are committed to:

  • Ethics: See our code of ethics.

  • Impact: Striving to achieve tangible change based on community wants and needs.

  • Diversity: Respecting and celebrating what makes us all unique.

  • Agency: Acknowledging the knowledge and change-making capacity of communities and persons within those communities.

  • Anti-Oppression/Decolonization: implementing practices that acknowledge repression/colonization in societies, economies, cultures and groups and seeking to remove or negate the influence of such repression.


NGOs all around the world play an important role in creating bottom-up approaches to complex problems, but they need our help. Since 2013, PWB has worked with over 125 storytellers documenting over 125 NGOs and non-profits addressing all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals in 54 countries. We publish 6 films and campaigns every year, which reach hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and have accrued over 1 million views on our video channels. Every year we sponsor an Indigenous storyteller to exhibit their work at CONTACT, North America’s largest photography festival. Our newly-launched PWB Camera Club aims to leave a camera with the communities we work in. Check out our Online Magazine, our Print Magazine, our  PWB Film Series to see what we do in action or visit our Media Centre for press releases and publications. For more details about our impact, please read our Annual Reports below.


become more than a photographer

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PWB is the winner of the 2018 Thrive Award for Top Workplaces Where Employees Thrive

"Since 2009 Your Workplace has hosted the Thrive Award: Top Workplaces Where Employees Thrive, aimed at organizations that have created a healthy, productive and creative workspace by establishing a culture built on collaborative dialogue, trust, clear outcomes, tolerance and teamwork."



We kindly thank our partners & supporters for helping us make more of an impact each year. 



PWB 2018 Annual Reports


Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


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