Growing up between Cameroon, Mauritania, Senegal, Ivory Coast and South Africa, she was introduced to the nomad life at an early age. Outside schooldays she would spend her time playing with her uncle’s analog camera. Her move to Paris fueled her already vivid imagination, this time through illustrating and painting. Once she passed her Mathematics degree, Katoucha moved to the UK and graduated in English Literature from the Goldsmiths University of London. After spending six years working in PR and marketing, she went backpacking through Europe then Asia for several months. Inspired by the various environments and lifestyles she encountered, Katoucha was as insatiably as ever curious of human nature.

Katoucha immerses herself daily in the realm of mythology, poetry, anthropology and sciences to explore her various work projects. She would spend some time with her subjects to be able to feel their inner energy and represent them at their best in her portraits “I see art-photography as a way to express consciousness, a sense of wonder, to enlighten, to feel various emotions whether it’s fear, dismay, mystery. Universality.”

When she can, Katoucha combines her artistry with humanitarian projects, empowering cultural minorities through her visuals as well as her writing. "To tell human stories, it’s how well you connect with the heartful people you’re trying your best to help [and communicate your understanding back to them]. From there that human connection, that understanding can only transcend the message of optimism around the world."

Katoucha uses digital and analog photography, painting, collage and illustration to explore her artistic medium, combined with her writing. Her photography work has been featured in Afropunk, Mashable and Newsweek. In addition to her extensive photography experience, her PR work allowed her to collaborate not only in Suba Biennale, Dak’Art in Senegal, but also many cultural events in Paris, including Paris Hip Hop Festival, Afropunk Festival. An avid sports enthusiast - a former sprinter, longtime Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner and rock climber - she was most recently involved in the 2024 Olympics campaign

Today Katoucha is currently working on her first photography book and is developing new projects aiming to connect visual artists, sharing ideas and learning.

Katoucha also landed her first exhibition amongst other artists in London, upcoming in 2018.