Damari Mcbride


1. I’ve always lived by the saying “it takes a village...” Nourish is a living and breathing example of that quote.  This organization realizes that the up and coming generations are the key entity in saving this planet and making it a better place for all living things. With also being a teacher I try to instill a sense of diverse techniques that contribute to the make up of the student as a whole. Teaching them compassion, awareness, critical thinking which allows them to have a strong sense of what needs to be done and take action. Nourish does that and more. *They believe and invest in their students and they empower their community. It takes a village.

2. I love photographing people. even before photography, humans captured portraits through sculpture and painting. They're an important part of human history for a reason. They provide us with a sense of who an individual was, their daily lives, a moment in time, a sense of intimacy and humanity. A portrait can be a powerful conversation in a snapshot. I believe that my photography will show a story of prosperity, hope, Love, and more. This is an opportunity to show people who are in the midst of growing and influencing their communities. I want them to tell their stories. 

3. Storytelling matters to all of us. Stories are out of memories, histories, and traditions. They help to give us meaning and preserve our values as individuals and citizens. They help inspire us and give a road map for how we want to shape the world. Nourish has a story with all of those elements in it. With your help I will be able to deliver their story. 

DamariMcbride: damari@photographerswithoutborders.org

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