Nora Anwar

Growing up in Ürumqi, home to many ethnic groups with different languages, cultures and beliefs, Nora developed a strong interest in cross-cultural communication and cultural diversity. After finishing a BA in sociology in China she moved to Sweden for a Masters in Cultural Anthropology driven by her love for extreme metal music. She speaks Uyghur(Turkish language), Mandarin Chinese, English, Swedish, a bit of Xhosa and on the way of learning more. 

Through all these years of roaming around the world, she found more similarity in humanity and that what makes our differences so beautiful and precious. Despite the paradox of her own identity, she considers herself as a melting pot, absorbing and connecting all kinds of cultural elements, and hopes to be the bridge that closes the gap. 

Like an African proverb: “if you think you’re too small to make a difference, you clearly haven’t spent a night with a mosquito.” We should never underestimate our power. That’s why Nora is more than thrilled to join the PWB family, where people recognize the strength of the grassroots, share the same value and strive for the same goal. 

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