Photographers Without Borders spoke with Danielle about her upcoming trip to document the work at CoRE

What makes you passionate about helping CoRE?

What I find so exciting about CoRE's initiative is their open involvement with the Hanoian community and the opportunities they give to their members to open up new waves of communication. I'm excited to learn more about CoRE's foundation and what their goals are for the future of the organization.


How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

I am a complete advocate for visual representation in any organization's story. I think imagery gives a greater personalization and understanding to an audience that may know what CoRE stands for or the kind of work they do. Potential members that view CoRE's community outreach are going to look toward aesthetically pleasing visuals and I hope that my work for CoRE can help them yield that greater audience reach.


What message would you like to send to your supporters? 

Follow along on the journey! Not only is this my first time visiting Vietnam but it is my first time working with an NGO. I could not be more excited to dive in. I'll be sharing clips and grabs from my time in Hanoi on social media. I'm looking forward to sharing CoRE's story within my circle of connections as well which will hopefully drive some additional international attention to their work.


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