Javed is fundraising for his chance to take a PWB School workshop. These workshops have changed the lives of countless participants, and we hope you will join us in supporting Javed on his journey to taking a course that will give back to a grassroots organization in need and learn at the same time.

Javed's Story

I am a freelance photojournalist since 2012. I focus on the social issues, ethnic conflict and religion.
My works have been exhibited in India, Cambodia and Italy. I have been published in leading Indian and international publications such as LensCulture, Tehelka, SIPA, Xinhua, Puzzle Pix, Sunday Guardian and India Legal. I also have received a photojournalism Performance Award from UNESCO and China Folklore Photographic Association.
I migrated to Delhi from a village in Uttar Pradesh, a place where photography is taboo because of conservative Islamic influence. I wanted to study arts but my family forced me to study commerce to secure a job. After my father’s death, I couldn't study further. To support family, I worked in a press as graphic designer. Later, I got a job as a computer operator in one of India's best film and photography schools: AJK MCRC. I picked up interest in photography from there. Saving work hours, I attended classes held for students of the institute. Meanwhile, I managed to complete graduation and post-graduation through open education. As a child, we lost our home and our father lost his workshop in communal riots. We approached authorities for justice but nothing happened. My father was not educated. Today, when I work with marginalized communities, I see they face similar issues – lack of education, poverty and lack of justice. Photos and photographers not only document events, lives but also tell important stories. 

Why do you want to participate on a PWB Workshop? 

Participating in a PWB workshop will provide me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and shape my photography skills by learning from masters of photojournalism and practicing storytelling.