Kelly is fundraising for her chance to take a PWB School workshop. These workshops have changed the lives of countless participants, and we hope you will join us in supporting Kelly on her journey to taking a course that will give back to a grassroots organization in need and learn at the same time.

Kelly's Story

I love people and their stories. Photography is a medium in which I have found is a way that I can tell their stories. I want to experience the world and the people in it and do what I can to help even if it is just through awareness gained by my photos. This is a lifetime personal goal, not a business goal of mine. The reason I am where I am in my life right now regardless of all the adversity I faced is because I pushed myself and knew there was more out there. It is time for me to push myself again.

Why do you want to participate on a PWB Workshop? 

I am an emotional person and shooter; this will help me push that skill even further by focusing on situations outside of the normal "wedding day" that I shoot now. Being around people who feel the same way I feel is what makes me grow emotionally and in my craft. If I grow in my craft I will have a larger impact on my clients and projects I participate in.