Sidhi is fundraising for his chance to take a PWB School workshop. These workshops have changed the lives of countless participants, and we hope you will join us in supporting Sidhi on his journey to taking a course that will give back to a grassroots organization in need and learn at the same time.

Sidhi's Story

I’m a photographer and an aspiring filmmaker, highly passionate and motivated to express my thoughts and ideas through visual language of stills and motion imagery. I’m looking forward to start working with a group of people that could share my love for photography, cinematography, nature and wildlife conservation, empowering each other through our knowledge and wisdom and to reach to people to spread love, warmth and care through the medium of photography.

Why do you want to participate on a PWB Workshop? 

While exploring various kinds of photography, I developed immense will, intention, determination and motivation to pursue the discipline of conservation photography and contribute towards wildlife, nature and climate change. I need an opportunity and breakthrough to begin my journey as a conservation photographer - directing me towards sharing awareness and consciousness regarding nurturing our mother Earth and all the species that call her home. I see a PWB Workshop as an outlet to pour my heart out and window to express my inner self-walking towards the light of something bigger than myself.