In a decade of photographic documentation, Los Angeles based photographer Alex Cave has used his camera to explore displacement and isolation. His latest series focusing on deported US veterans living in Mexico is a testament to the confrontational nature of his subject matter. Alex attempts to create a feeling of isolation using a neutral color palette, featuring one bright, out-of-place tone. In addition to work with displaced veterans, Alex has photographed melting glaciers in the arctic, suburbanization in the American Southwest, and childhood poverty in Bolivia. He credits his mother for cultivating his passion for all things photography as an adolescent. 

Hi I’m Alex, a photographer & printmaker from Los Angeles! In December 2018, I will be documenting the work of the Chain Collaborative and the Now Africa Initiative in the Kanugu district of Uganda. The vision of this NGO is to create viable, sustainable and competitive economic development in rural Uganda. As a social enterprise, this agricultural organization plans to play a catalytic role in building a sustainable, modern, rural-based economy linked to education, tourism, value chain processing and marketing in agriculture, specifically coffee and soybeans.

As someone who recently graduated with a degree in Social Entrepreneurship from Antioch University, I have a passion for companies who adopt a social enterprise into their business model. I hope by documenting these two NGOs and their affect on the rural Ugandan community I will be able to spread the benefit of adopting a social cause and encourage more companies to make a difference with their role in our world.

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What message would you like to send to your supporters? It's just a huge honor that people even want to look at my images, to hang my prints on their wall, or to invite me into their world to take their portraits. No contribution is too small, from sharing my story on social media to buying one of my prints. I'm grateful for any and all support.