Hi! I'm Emily Hlavac Green, a photographer from New Zealand, now living in New York City. USA.  I have photographed professionally over the past eight years across portraiture, travel, food and lifestyle.  I create visual narratives motivated by a curiosity of place, character and context and am inspired by strange light, colour theory, airports and the art of making something from nothing.

A traveller at heart, some highlights include working on a sustainable energy documentary in Tonga, and running fashion education workshops in China and New Zealand.

Now that I live in New York I'm obsessed with hikes accessible by train and finding secret gardens on rooftops.


PWB asked Emily about her anticipations toward her upcoming project with Awamaki. 

What makes you passionate about helping Awamaki?

Awamaki is educating and empowering Andean women in unique and hands-on artisan practices while strengthening an entire community. They are building a support system that harbours both creativity and business, which I can identify with as a woman pursuing creative projects.  

How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them?

I am extremely passionate about using my creative skill-set to help an initiative that utilizes natural resources and produces ethical products; something which is crucial to our environment. Photography has the power to tell the local stories, and highlight a unique process that can be shared prolifically. By using my camera as tool to relay their work to the world this enables Awamaki to reach a wider global market and grow their creative businesses; educating and inspiring people to be mindful of the origins what they buy. We need to be conscious of what, and how we consume as we navigate the fragile future of our planet.

What message would you like to send to your supporters?

Know that change DOES happen even in tiny, incremental ways. And know that even just by spreading awareness of the good things that people are creating is making a difference. I am so excited to work with Awamaki and PWB and hope you can support in any which way you can!

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