1. What makes you passionate about helping Elizabeth Fry Toronto?

Having a background in counseling, and education received from the Assaulted Women's and Children's Counselling and Advocacy Program at George Brown College, I am aware of the amazing work that Elizabeth Fry does for women in Toronto, and aware of the intersectionality of issues that EFRY works to dismantle. I have experience in working in crisis counseling with women, and thus I am very passionate about continuing to lend my abilities and time to serve members of marginalized communities.

2. How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

 I consider it to be a tremendous honor and privilege to be able to use my photography in a way that can support and help bring awareness to the amazing work that EFRY does. I would like to use my skills, both as a photographer and storyteller, to highlight the stories of the women that EFRY serves, as well as the workers and counselors who work tirelessly to serve these communities. I hope my photography and storytelling can bring awareness to the difficult issues that EFRY addresses on a daily basis, and inspire people to learn more, support, and give to EFRY. 

3. What message would you like to send to your supporters?

An opportunity like this is a dream of mine - to both work for a cause that I'm passionate about and believe in, as well as be able to lend my abilities to help an organization that I recognize to do amazing work in the city of Toronto. Any amount and support is so deeply appreciated from the bottom of my heart, not only by myself, but by this organization I am so honored and privileged to serve.


Jessie studied Women's Counselling and Advocacy at George Brown College, and Religious Studies at University of Waterloo. With almost ten years of experience working in many different positions in the not-for-profit field, Jessie currently works as the Executive Assistant at Photographers Without Borders, and in this position, has been able to combine her passion for social change, adventure, photography, and storytelling. Jessie excels in art and creativity - an accomplished classical pianist, Jessie was a finalist in CBC's Piano Hero competition in 2015, competing with pianists across the country. She is also a freelance wedding and events photographer, and a writer, with work that's been published in The Huffington Post.