I have been a photographer since I can remember being able to hold a camera.  I am driven to utilize my skills as a photographer, coupled with my 18 years experience as a child advocate/lawyer, to create images that educate and inspire change.  I strongly believe as a photographer/artist that we need to shake the status quo and bring social issues to the forefront by creating images that encourage viewers to question that status quo, inspire change, and eventually elicit hope for a better future for the world's children, and humankind in general.  I am passionate about volunteering my photographic skills where I can, but I also love creating fine art images.  In addition, I am forever travelling and documenting the beautiful things I encounter in our world.

What makes you passionate about helping SASANE?

I am grateful for the opportunity to assist the SASANE organization.  I am passionate about helping vulnerable persons. I believe their SASANE's work is critical in saving the lives of these vulnerable women and children. Their motivation as survivors to support one another and advocate for themselves and others is inspirational.  It is critical for victims to have a safe, supportive place to take back their power, and SASANE provides that, along with hope for a brighter future.

How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

With my 18 years of experience as an advocate/lawyer for child victims of abuse in Canada, I can provide the SASANE project with an educated and compassionate approach to the photography and videography required to effectively address their needs. I believe I can provide a unique glimpse into a world that most people don't see, in an effort to help SASANE increase awareness, provide education, and assist with funding. 

What message would you like to send to your supporters?

The healing, education, and empowerment of the survivors of abuse, such as victims of human trafficking, is imperative for the future success of women and children, all across the globe, to fulfill their limitless potential to become happy, productive members of society.  Without organizations like SASANE this would not be possible.  With PWB's work SASANE can get the help and exposure they need in order for them to focus their much needed attention on their humanitarian work.