Moved by social labor, something I love since I was a little girl, I founded an association named Anima-Ars ( with two friends. We are a group of young people from different working and social areas who work with different artistic sources to encourage people in vulnerable situations, discrimination or disadvantage, to provide them a way to express their problematics and be able to rebuild their path and be reinserted in the social life promoting human development. We have done workshops with girls rescued from human trafficking and sexual slavery, kids with congenital heart disease, and abandoned old people.  

I was born and raised in Mexico City, a huge, polluted, and very crowded city. I studied literature and did my social service with the head of the Botanical Garden, a biologist specialized in cacti, that taught me his love for nature. Attracted by the idea of mixing art and nature, I developed a special interest in science diffusion that drove me to discover a talent in storytelling, to transmit knowledge in a comprehensive way. 

Concurrently, in order to escape a little bit of the stressful life of the city, I found a way to connect with my inner self by climbing mountains and diving deep in the sea. Those two worlds are my passion now a day. All of this drew me closer to photography, a way to discover the world and discover myself by creating a visual diary. I didn’t just found a way to express my place in this chaotic world and to show what my heart sees, but also to loud the voice and the needs of the people who, by their vulnerable momentary situations, can´t talk by themselves.  



  • Elementary, High School and College studies, Lycée Franco Mexicain
  • Bachelors in Modern French Language and Literatures, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
  • Science Diffusion Degree, Universum, Science Museum, Ciudad Universitaria
  • Photography Diplomas: Digital 1, Digital 2, Product Photography, Portrait, Photojournalism, Sport Photography, Lightroom, Pinhole Camera Photography, Escuela Activa de Fotografía, Ciudad de México, 
  •  “Photoshop for photographers”, EduMac June 2017: “Photojournalism –
  • Documentary” Spéos London Photographic Institute, UK
  • July 2017 Drone Pilot Training, Drone-lab ( ), Pertiuis, France
  • July 2017: “Street Photography by Magnum Photos and Spéos” Spéos Paris Photographic Institute
  • PADI Open Water (Diver Nº 16090V0630) and Advanced (Diver Nº 16100V4758) 



  • September 2017: India with Photographers Without Borders, to work with a women's empowerment organization in Jodhpur. Sambhali Trust is an organization dedicated to promoting unity, independent and self-esteem among Indian women, diminishing notions of class and caste, and eradicating violence against women. It consists in going to providing women in need with sewing machines to promote a sustainable livelihood. 
  • November 2017: Conflict Photography Workshop, Andalusia, Spain. Instructors: Eric Bouvet, JB Russell and Jason P. Howe. Conflict Photography Workshops are unique, in that they encompass not only the majority of the skills taught on more traditional hostile environment courses but most crucially how to actually do one´s job as a photojournalist safely and productively in those environments. The principle aim of Conflict Photography Workshops is to educate photographers who may be considering working in hostile environments, specifically war zones, on how to deal with the dangers they may encounter and how to operate with a higher degree of safety and security. 

LANGUAGES:            - Spanish 100%        - French 100%        - English 95% 


1. What makes you passionate about helping DRUG FIGHT MALAWI?

I personally think that substance abuse is a problem that concerns us all. Nowadays, as there is no family where at least one of the members has a problem with alcohol or drugs consumption.

Addiction is a physical, mental an emotional illness that creates a dependence. The negative consequences have an impact on the person, her/his family, her/his related. In many cases professional degrees are destroyed, jobs are lost, families are leaded to ruin, and even the life of the person is missed.

Nevertheless, by raising awareness, we develop prevention, that is extremely important, so people can be conscious of the horrible consequences that this increasing problem can have on their life and future. And on the same way, the national development will increase in a better way.

I think we all deserve the opportunity to take a different way in life, and to build a better person of ourselves every day, and by helping Drug Fight Malawi, we help people to have this precious opportunity in their life and so, one day, they will be able to give this opportunity back helping others that will need it. I feel the duty with this subject, to give back the same opportunity that I was given to have a new awakening and a different way of living in this world.


2. How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

By photographing this movement and what they are fighting against, we can create consciousness of this huge problem. So people can relate on what is happening. Through the visual image, that is the most powerful weapon to combat almost any situation, we can show the real problem and have a bigger impact in finding new sponsors to help this NGO to continue with this hard task.

In 2017 I went to India with PWB, to work at Sambhali Trust, an organization dedicated to promoting unity, independent and self-esteem among Indian women, diminishing notions of class and caste, and eradicating violence against women. By sharing the stories that I created with my pictures, I found sponsors that paid for the scholarship for 6 little girls and boys for 5 years, and I am still working on this project to find more funds for them.

Image is a very powerful way to create consciousness and start making a difference.


3. What message would you like to send to your supporters?

We all at least have a person in our family, or know a near friend or someone in his family who has a serious drug or alcohol abuse problem. It is a worldwide problem that is getting bigger and bigger. And Malawi isn´t a developed country that has all the easy ways to find a solution. By helping this NGO, you don’t just help the country development but you can also help to change the destiny of a hole family, of kids, women and men that can have their whole life ruined because of alcohol, drug or tobacco abusive consumption. We, together, can make a difference.

I fell very grateful, thankful, and lucky to be able to participate in this amazing project to help people with my same disease, and to be able to give them, the same opportunity someone gave me some time ago to have a beautiful opportunity to live a different kind of life. Thank you for helping us!