I am born and raised in Seattle, where it never stops raining but it's always beautiful. I've found myself leaving and coming back every other year, and every time I leave I go just a little bit further from home. I graduated university from my home town at University of Washington in International Business & Marketing but I've moved to Italy. Specifically, I am finishing my Masters a Università Bocconi in the study of Tourism & Communication.  

What makes you passionate about helping Potential Energy?

Potential Energy offers a real meaningful solution to a serious problem. Rather than just being an awareness campaign or vaguely named anti-bad stuff organization.  In so far as, they address the problem of deforestation and indoor pollutions with the solution of proper affordable stoves. It’s pragmatic and has real potential.

How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

When I go to research the problem address it’s pretty easy to find they Berkley-Darfur stoves but I’ve been unsuccessful in finding the imagery of the problem mentioned. That is to say, the stoves inside of homes is an after picture and I’m yet to find good examples of the before.

What message would you like to send to your supporters?

A little goes a long way with these guys, the average price of a stove for their Sudan project was $20, Uganda will likely be a little more because it’s not near a major port. What they really need is a larger platform to stand on, and that’s where I can help with my photography and the support of PWB.