I feel so blessed to work as a photographer for NGOs around the globe. It is an incredibly rewarding experience to give back and learn so much of the social causes and needs of others. Being able to tell a story through the lens is an extraordinary way to share the important message that the NGO wants to send.

Founded in 2009, the NGO in Mombasa that I will be assisting has a focus on education (for women and children), the teaching of basic computer skills and courses on hygiene, family planning, AIDS, sexual health and first aid to it’s local community. The ability to help them achieve their goals by capturing their efforts through photography is a worthwhile and rewarding task and one I am thrilled to be a part of it. It is through the use of photographs that the story can be told and retold to communities and countries all around the world. It can inspire and give hope that there are positive efforts and steps being taken toward the social issues that face communities everywhere.

I have been privileged to shoot through the eyes of a lens for over 6 years. My efforts have brought joy to those that were able to have access to the photos that were captured. I believe that photography has the ability to tell a story with one single picture. That message can spread the word around the world and bring awareness to issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. Photography is a powerful tool and one that can be used to help tell the story of struggling communities that need to get help and have their message heard. It is an honor to volunteer for the NGO in Mombasa, Kenya and put my experience to good use in a fulfilling and rewarding way. My goal will be to accomplish the message that this NGO is aiming to achieve with the social issues that they face through my images. The support of such efforts is extremely welcome and super appreciated!