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Support Rachael

Support Rachael

Rachael is fundraising for her chance to take a PWB School workshop. These workshops have changed the lives of countless participants, and we hope you will join us in supporting Rachael on her journey to taking a course that will give back to a grassroots organization in need and learn at the same time.

Rachael's Story

I'm an aspiring photographer who wants to one day travel the world and document my adventures and hopefully inspire others. I hope to expand my knowledge in photography as much as possible so I can continue to grow and better myself as not only a photographer but an artist as well. I've always wanted to help out others in anyway I could; I did a lot whilst in Girl Scouts and still want to continue that but have never had the voice to do so until I started pursuing photography. This is important to me because it's everything I want rolled into one; helping others, travelling, becoming more knowledgeable, and inspiring others. As photographers we have the opportunity to use photography as a voice for those who don't have one.

Why do you want to participate on a PWB Workshop? 

I would benefit from a workshop because not only would I be expanding my photography but I'd be experiencing another culture and raising awareness through my art.