I am an experienced editorial photographer whose graphic yet keenly observed work has appeared in travel magazines in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and my native South Africa. I was lucky enough to be have renowned South African fine-art photographer Pieter Hugo mentor me and have studied under the tutelage of renowned apartheid documentary photographer Paul Weinberg. I pursue my own social documentary work believing that this is the pathway to binging about change in self and communities. A recent project is a study of a subsistence fishing village northwest of Cape Town in which tourism has brought about a cultural and racial collision between longtime inhabitants and more affluent visitors. I have also shot for PWB in Cambodia for Volunteers Building Cambodia.

I am a recipient of the Master of Professional Studies in Digital Photography degree from New York’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, and also a director of the UK-based Latitude Stock photo agency. She also works as an Occupational Psychologist, through which she coaches both businesses and individuals through change often assisting them to launch new careers and businesses.”

1.     What makes you passionate about helping Association of Citizens Youth Can (www.youthcan.org.mk)?

I first worked with Youth Programmes as a volunteer both running and actively delivering life skills and educational programmes in the townships of apartheid South Africa. I saw first-hand how empowering people through various programmes not only enables them to pursue their passions but how this has a ripple affect into their communities. YouthCan has a similar approach around creating an environment within which individuals can grow personally through being able to initiate change aligned with democratic principles, build their skills to articulate their opinions and ideas and provide opportunities to practice these skills through volunteerism and other activities. My passion is to see people launch their careers and dreams through such programmes.


2.     How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

 I believe that speaking with photography has become a universal language that we all share and understand. My personal mission is to be a visual interpreter and storyteller, through which I can share an experience, feeling captured in a moment, connect the viewer by inspiring them to dive deeper, find their own inspiration and discover different perspectives.

I am committed to using photography to bring awareness to social initiatives that are making a positive and meaningful difference in the lives of people and our world. I’d like to believe that my images for YouthCan will reflect the essence of their work, and their vision and mission; and that the images will capture the ‘power of youth’ through the various programmes they run.


3.     What message would you like to send to your supporters?

Without sounding cliched, the youth is path to a better future. In nowadays society it is crucial that we equip people to make a difference in the communities around them. The days of separation and isolation are an old way of operating. The shift to inclusivity, collaborative living, where it is about community, the principle of ‘Ubuntu’ runs deep. Having the freedom to make our own life choices only becomes viable when we live in a society and community that both nurtures and supports this. That is why I feel honoured to have been chosen by PWB to photograph YouthCan. I am passionate about this project and that is why I am are asking for your support. Any help, no matter how small or large, goes a long way!