Andrea Musso is a photography and traveling passionate.

Born in Torino, Italy, he is living in Geneva (CH) area since more than 20 years.

Diversity of race, colour, faith, gender, and orientation are the key to enrich culture and tolerance; for this reason the photographer works mainly for non-profit organisations.

About the technique, subjects and composition, Andrea has received several international recognitions.

1.      What makes you passionate about helping MONES?

As a photographer I like to offer my free time to serve non-profit organisations that take care of people in general; serving someone that spend their energy and time to fight discrimination and violence is a honour. I am concerned by violence against women and recently, for November 25th 2018, International day agains domestic violence, I realised a photo project to sensitise people about it. An example is visible HERE.

In the specific case of MONES Organisation, being a man serving a cause against discrimination and violence on women has a tremendous meaning to me.

I already had collaborations in the past with several organisations: orpahanges, schools, hospitals, outreach health centers… every time is a small adventure and an amazing mix of feelings; to meet the people is a great experience and to discover other cultures is enriching.

2.      How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

Nowadays we need to communicate, and this is especially true for organisations that need sponsorships to fund their projects. A professional photographer can catch the moments in such a way that the observer understands better and faster the idea behind the project.Sometime I see people to cry watching some of my pics; this is the impact that a photo in this contest can give.On a website, a flyer or any communication tool, a professional photo can have a much bigger impact. For these reasons I think that my work can have a value and can help the organisation on the medium and long term.

3.      What message would you like to send to your supporters?

In western countries we do not realise how a small offer can have an impact on lives on the other side of the world; I can only encourage you to support this project in order to make it real, and in order to make many other projects possible.

As I have no other way to thank you than offering my work, so:

For any donation above 50$ the photographer will send you the HD file of a photo of your choice in my whole catalog.

For any donation above 200$ the photographer will send you a print of a photo of your choice with certificate of authenticity of limited number of prints (1/30); please send me your address by email in this case.



I’ve started my adventure with photography more than 10 years ago, at the beginning I treated it as way to spend free time and save some memories. I love to takes photos of nature and moments of everyday life. For long time I was too shy and didn't share my photos with others, but with time I improved my skills and also understood that photography is a powerful tool and can be used to help others – that is why I decided to join Photographers Without Borders.

What makes you passionate about helping MONES?

When I’ve read first time about MONES I was impressed by the variety of projects organized and followed by them – giving support to victims of home violence, improving the life quality and status of women, supporting women to be more active and visible by reducing the gender-based discrimination. I am excited to meet them and listen their motivations to better understand how my work can be as fruitful as possible.

How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them?

Iwill be my first experience as photographer for PWB, I would like to show with my photos the amount of work done by women from MONES. I’d like to show their professionalism and at the same time emotions which are “behind the scenes”, which accompanies their everyday work but often are not visible on official photos.

What message would you like to send to your supporters?

As a photographer I love to catch moments - it can be a second that passed not noticed by others but was meaningful for the person on the photography. I wish to share with you those special moments and show you that all over the world we are the same – we live similar emotions, we live sad and happy moments. I wish to show that there are people who cares about others and work hard to change our world to a better place. Thank you for all kind of support related to this project.