We had a chance to sit down with Andrea Musso and chat about his upcoming trip to Mil Milagros, in Guatemala.


What makes you passionate about helping MM?

As a photographer I love to offer my free time to serve non-profit organisations that take care of people in general; serving someone that spend their energy and time for children is always amazing, as they are our future, and this is true in any country. I am honoured to help MM in their work and I hope they will profit from my knowledge to fulfill the project.

I already had collaborations in the past with several organisations: orpahanges, schools, hospitals, outreach health centers… every time is a small adventure and an amazing mix of feelings; to meet the people is a great experience and to discover other cultures is enriching.

How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

Nowadays we need to communicate, and this is especially true for organisations that need sponsorships to fund their projects. A professional photographer can catch the moments in such a way that the observer understand better and faster the idea behind the project.

On a website, a flyer or any communication tool, a professional photo can have a much bigger impact.

For these reasons I think that my work can have a value and can help the organisation on the medium and long term

What message would you like to send to your supporters?

I have no other way to thank you than offering my work, so:

For any donation above 50$ the photographer will send you the HD file of a photo of your choice in my whole catalog.

For any donation above 200$ the photographer will send you a print of a photo of your choice with certificate of authenticity of limited number of prints (1/30); please send me your address by email in this case.