I have over a decade of professional production industry experience working all over the world, ranging from documentary & journalism to branding & entertainment projects with many top tier brands and organizations.  I’m a Primetime Emmy Award winner with two Daytime Emmy nominations and a handful of other industry accolades.  I’m a self-starter and an advocate of grassroots non-profit groups. I aim to make a difference by providing support in my realm of expertise: media production, technical support, and visual story-telling.

Over the course of my career I have been fortunate enough to be in a position that allows me to shift my focus and my business to the support of non-profit organizations.  Please visit to learn more about me and my work.  Thanks again for your support!

1. What makes you passionate about helping TOIT Nepal (

I strongly believe that a quality education is an effective tool at combatting some of humanity’s biggest problems. Poverty, hunger, conflict, gender equality and many other afflictions created by mankind all stem from ignorance or unawareness; this is a direct result of a lack of education. If you think about it there is much more to obtaining a good education than simply achieving individual economic advancement. People seek alternate perspectives and are more tolerant and understanding of one another which alleviates conflict. People become aware of the fact that FGM (female genital mutilation) is a senseless, torturous, and medically detrimental tradition which reduces physical and mental suffering and deaths by infection of young girls and women.

People ultimately become more effective problem solvers and become more compassionate towards one another.

However, education is not readily available in regions of the world where the economic situation dictates that survival is the only order of the day because if the whole family doesn’t work in the fields or doesn’t work in the market, then the family goes hungry or sleeps in the streets without a roof over their heads. It truly is a very bleak notion if you imagine yourself in that scenario, but this is a reality in much of the developing world. This is where TOIT steps in and provides that critical component to jump starting that journey towards progress and self-fulfillment. TOIT provides the opportunity for the marginalized families in Bhaktapur to educate their children and to achieve economic stability through entrepreneurship. Without the support of TOIT many of the families in Bhaktapur would be unable to send their children to school.

2. How do you believe your photography can make a difference for TOIT Nepal?

The organization’s efforts are yielding results, however, a real need for transparency within the greater Kathmandu area has developed. In order to continue organizational growth TOIT must effectively promote their operations and their intentions within Nepal and also to the international community if their grassroots efforts are to continue to impact more and more childrens’ lives. My photography and technical support will provide TOIT the visual content required to achieve an online presence and finally be able to effectively reach a global audience of supporters to help the program grow.

My imagery aims to invoke an emotional response in viewers, however, the message I want to send is one of hope and potential, and not a message of deprivation and suffering. Most importantly, I want my photography to be representative of the important, life-changing impact that TOIT continues to have on the children and the families of Nepal.

3. What message would you like to send to your supporters?

I feel as though many of us take our ability to pursue an education for granted, and oftentimes we consider it to be a burden. Education has an entirely different significance in places such as Bhaktapur where it is a privilege and a beacon of hope.

Please seriously consider contributing to the growth of this wonderful organization. Even $1 and 1 minute of your time spent will make a difference for the rest of someone’s life. Clean out those couch cushions! If you’re unable to contribute financially, then please spread the word and visit TOIT’s website ( and see how else you can get involved. Thank you in advance for your support!