We had a chance to sit down with Jon and discuss his upcoming trip to Huvadhoo Aid

After attending the PWB photography school I anxiously went to the programs page where almost 75 opportunities in 40 different countries were posted. There were so many amazing NGOs but my strongest association was the Huvadhoo Aid organization in the Maldives. Having been born and raised on a Pacific island, and having lived within 10 miles of the ocean for most of my life, I'm deeply connected to the water. The incredible work done through this team called to my heart. 

In their own words, The major focus areas of the organization are democratic governance, environment and climate change, youth and women empowerment, drug and substance abuse prevention and community development. We seek to strengthen our actions for sustainable development and poverty alleviation in the community by promoting equity and equality. We also implement international volunteer program inviting foreigners to work with our programs and projects.


The Maldives is a stunningly turquoise country that stretches over 1,000 islands across nearly 500 miles. Having traveled here with my family in 2016, we found the people to be warm, welcoming, and friendly! One of the fondest moments of the trip was when we stumbled across a small soccer field at one of the islands we visited. When they found out my youngest daughter was a competitive player (footballer to them), they invited her back the next day, even bringing her a new pair of cleats (boots). That hour they played in the pouring rain was full of laughter and smiles. 

My hope is to capture some magical moments and personal stories that will help Huvadhoo Aid continue their amazing work across this island.