I’m Lee….a Colorado native, single mom to seven (four who were adopted), deep-thinking introvert who is passionate about travel, photography and storytelling for change.  

For 10 years,  my work was focused on orphaned children in China,  creating foster care programs, leading medical trips, and creating my own non-profit which operated in China.  My work  allowed medically frail orphaned children to get the medical care they needed, education and a loving environment where they could thrive.    It was incredibly rewarding  work….but it was hard.  

It takes a special kind of person to run an NGO…. a dedication that goes far beyond the typical 8-5.   Long hours, sometimes being the manager, volunteer coordinator & fundraiser all in one, guided by one strong vision.   It’s a journey I know personally, so to  have the opportunity to work alongside Chepembere Community Development Organization  (CCDO)  and share their work  feels like an incredible opportunity.   Located in rural Malawi,  they are doing work to empower women and children, teach entrepreneurial skills while focusing on gender equality….and they are making change.  Their core belief that  “ to empower women is to empower the entire society” is one that resonates deeply with  me personally.  

Spending a few weeks by their side,  hearing their heart and seeing their work first hand will provide the perfect backdrop to share their story.    When you combine powerful imagery with storytelling, and share your message with the world, it’s  impactful. …something I have experienced first hand.  So to play a small role in sharing their work, feels incredible and an opportunity I am so grateful for.