Lee Rubin-Jakober is an avid traveler, teacher, and photographer. She grew up in central Massachusetts but has lived outside of America for the last five years. Lee has taught both high school photography and classes geared towards adults. She believes in the powerful stories that images can tell and uses her photography to bring truth and light to relevant issues like education and equal rights.

1. What makes you passionate about helping Alpine Peace Crossing?

I am passionate for people who are working to make a difference, who serve on behalf of others. Alpine Peace Crossing is clearly motivated not only to help refugees and those seeking asylum but also to pay tribute to those who came before them, honoring the Jewish Exodus in 1947 with a remembrance walk.

2. How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them?

I believe that photography has the power to tell stories, to catch the attention that words cannot. It speaks to a level of human interaction, demonstrating the inner workings of an organization. I believe that photographs will help get the Alpine Peace Crossing’s message out. That with the help of Photographers Without Borders, they can be recognized for the incredible work they are doing to help refugees and those seeking asylum.

3. What message would you like to send to your supporters?

I would like my supporters to know that I believe in the world that the Alpine Peace Crossing is doing and that I am honored to be able to witness and take part in their reflection and tribute to those who came before them.