1.     What makes you passionate about helping UBUSHOBOZI (http://www.ubushobozi.org)

Poverty in a country with little opportunity for self-advancement is a strong magnet that holds people at absolute zero.  It is one of the world’s most challenging barriers to overcome on a macro level, and on a personal level, one of the most challenging barriers to self-fulfillment and realization.  I humbly ask anyone to please spend a few moments pondering about how you might try to fight poverty in a country where educational opportunities are simply not as available as where we live. 

Grassroots, economically oriented growth programs like the ones that UBUSHOBOZI run for orphaned girls aren’t simple in set-up, or in realizing their end-goals.  But the kind team that launched UBUSHOBOZI are making great in-roads in combating the cycle of poverty in the girls’ lives that they support, and that sure is something.  Simple concepts can and do change the world that these girls experience.  UBUSHOBOZI are making a difference.


2.     How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them?

It is easy to underestimate the power of images.  On one PWB assignment I am aware of privileged to be on, a simple story a photographer shared via social media garnered 5300 views (and climbing) for the NGO involved.  That’s may not be National Geographic, but it’s still 5300 more people aware (and possibly supporting) the NGO then knew about them in the past.  And photos give NGO’s the ability to more captivatingly tell their stories.  The challenge of a photographer, as I see it, is to do their best to capture the hearts and lives of the people involved – to get out of the way from the people as best as possible so that people peering into the souls of people who need our support and kindness can best understand their role in helping. 


3. What message would you like to send to your supporters?

There are lots of great projects, great causes and great folks who need help. Frankly, it’s hard for caring folks such as yourself to decide which cause is best to support.  Get involved in any way you are motivated to.  And please consider donating direct to UBUSHOBOZI here:  http://www.ubushobozi.org/donate-1/