What makes you passionate about helping Society Without Violence (http://www.swv.am)

I am a very proactive about gender equality education to promote women and girls empowerment and live in a society where the rights of all people can be the same. I grew up and live in a very violent country because of the drug dealing problem, where a lot of women disappear, in a very patriarchal society where the “machos” are always the head of the family and women are left behind. I think it is a subject that concerns us all as a worldwide society and there is a lot to do about it.  



How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them?  

The first thing to solve a problem is to see it, to identify it, understand it, and then find the solution to it. I think the best way to show the world what is happening to create consciousness, is through visual images, so we can do something about it. 

Last year I went to India with PWB to work with a foundation named Sambahli Trust and after the work I did with them, I sent the photographs to Mexico and could find a sponsor for the scholarship of 6 girls for 5 years. This work was published on the PWB printed magazine nº 10. 


What message would you like to send to your supporters? 

Thanks to all the support of people like you, I was able to do a trip to Malawi last summer to work with an NGO named Drug Fight Malawi and I learnt so much about everything: the NGO, the people I met, the society, the culture, the country, etc. I opened my heart to those people and those people opened their heart to me. Lots of people from Mexico helped the communities, we did a campaign to buy clothes and jackets for the kids in the villages to be warm during the cold winter and it was very successful. You can see it on my website (www.maripomartini.net) and also on my Instagram account @maripomartini 

Every donation counts. Your help can make a difference for people who needs it. 

Thank you for helping.

Maria’s Bio

Moved by social labor, something I love since I was a little girl, I founded an association named Anima-Ars (www.anima-ars.org) with two friends. We are a group of young people from different working and social areas who work with different artistic sources to encourage people in vulnerable situations, discrimination or disadvantage, to provide them a way to express their problematics and be able to rebuild their path and be reinserted in the social life promoting human development. We have done workshops with girls rescued from human trafficking and sexual slavery, kids with congenital heart disease, and abandoned old people.  

I was born and raised in Mexico City, a huge, polluted, and very crowded city. I studied literature and did my social service with the head of the Botanical Garden, a biologist specialized in cacti, that taught me his love for nature. Attracted by the idea of mixing art and nature, I developed a special interest in science diffusion that drove me to discover a talent in storytelling, to transmit knowledge in a comprehensive way. 

Concurrently, in order to escape a little bit of the stressful life of the city, I found a way to connect with my inner self by climbing mountains and diving deep in the sea. Those two worlds are my passion now a day. All of this drew me closer to photography, land and aerial drone photography, a way to discover the world and discover myself by creating a visual diary. I didn’t just found a way to express my place in this chaotic world and to show what my heart sees, but also to loud the voice and the needs of the people who, by their vulnerable momentary situations, can´t talk by themselves.