1. What makes you passionate about helping Alejo Community Support Project?

I admire NGOs like Alejo Community Support Project and the individuals who work for these grassroots initiatives. There are currently over 7 billion people in the world and it is easy to shrug responsibility and think 'Well, it doesn't really matter what I do or don't do...' But we are all at the center of a network.

You'll probably know at least 1,000 people over the course of your life. Those individuals will also probably know at least 1,000 people, which puts you 1 person away from a million. 2 people away from a billion. This is how we are connected.

The actions we take are like dropping a pebble in a pond. The ripples created by that action will expand and affect things in ways we can't really comprehend. It means the things that you do or don't do are far more important than you think. 

I am passionate about helping Alejo CSP because it is a meaningful cause, furthering sustainable development and generating real change in people's lives. 

2. How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

Photography has an amazing capacity to capture (no pun intended) our attention and tell a story to the viewer in a way words cannot. 

Grassroots initiatives like Alejo make direct, meaningful impacts in communities and better the standard of living for countless individuals. It is my job, as a photographer, to shine a light on their work and to help tell their stories. There is no way of knowing who will see these photos and what in turn they might be inspired to do to further positive change. 

3. What message would you like to send to your supporters?

If you would like to support the work we do, please make a donation or get involved in any you are motivated to. 

For any donation above $100 I would like to send you a personal thank-you in the form of a print of your choice from my portfolio. 

Please make sure to leave your email so that I may contact you for a mailing address.