Bio for Seth Charter

Being raised on the island of Martha’s Vineyard taught me that a community where people lean on each other is a productive, warm and truly wonderful place that has influenced my whole life. I’ve been obsessed with travel and world culture since a very early age and I have visited many countries and I pride myself with trying to learn as much as I can about them.  Photographing different people and places made me discover my love for cameras, computers and everything that beeps or whirs. The pace of the tech world is moving so fast that its very hard to keep up, I still try though!

I went to college in New Orleans and when Hurricane Katrina hit my life changed.  Seeing the devastation and chaos nature could cause with a single stroke was an eye opener.  I wanted to make a difference and understand how I could actually help. Since then I’ve been visiting different cultures and really understanding that there is so much to do out there.  I’m so lucky to have a partner with a heart of solid gold, together we will help in every way we can. Our society needs to know more about the global poverty and i’m hoping to help get the word out!

Bio for Arletta Diosi

I’m Arletta, the photographer and graphic designer behind Photo to Table. I live on the island of Martha’s Vineyard where I’m constantly inspired by the organic beauty and untouched landscape that surrounds me. I strive to create honest photography by embracing candid moments, natural light and minimal production.

Growing up in Serbia taught me how to step back and look at things from a different perspective. It trained my eyes to find beauty in the unexpected and I am committed to telling your story in the same way. I will look for the most sincere points that can’t be duplicated, the intimate glances, raw emotions and personal interactions – in my opinion there’s nothing more beautiful than that. 

I find daily inspiration in the intriguing shapes and simplicity of typography, the creative freedom of graphic design, a good dark brew and anything from Napa Valley!
I love what I do and I’d love the chance to work with you! If it sounds like we’re on the same page–please get in touch and we’ll get started.

What makes you passionate about helping Partners for Possibility?

Growing up in Serbia I’ve had a chance to closely experience similar problems in education to the South African crisis. I deeply believe that education is the key to improve the quality of our own life as well as improve our community.

I’ve always tried to believe that every problem CAN be solved. It is just an obstacle in our lives, to challenge us, and push us even further. It triggers our creativity and resourcefulness. I choose to believe that what seems impossible in the moment will bring us lots of good in the long term.

Living in a closed minded environment can swallow up an individual and it makes it easy to believe that the solutions are unreachable so people make their peace with poor circumstances. And that shows how broken the system is!

Travelling the world and learning of different cultures and lifestyles taught me that we are ALL the same. Asking ourselves the same questions: what do I want to be when I grow up? Should I be brave enough to follow my passion? Am I good enough? Poor or rich, dark skin or white, we are all in the same shoes! Together, we can all encourage each other and find the way to build a successful life!

How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

The world has so much to offer! A single photograph can be powerful tool which can be eye opening and can deliver a message with a real impact.

What message would you like to send to your supporters?

We are lucky enough to learn from a community we live in, that through hands on education anyone can develop skills that will help them create a secure future. We have a life changing opportunity to show the strength of our community and the humanity we are surrounded with.
Please help us, help them!