Bio for Siân Wright

I am a professional cinematographer and photographer who specializes in documentary and photojournalism. I moved to the United States from Northwest England at the age of 14, and as an immigrant I have a particular passion for creating mages that onfront social misconceptions.  use color and tone to capture culture, location, and emotion, focusing my work on that single frame in time where environment and individual collide.

What makes you passionate about helping Karibu Centre (

The Karibu Centre’s mission resonates with my own belief in the importance of empowering communities as a whole. For a child to have the most opportunity they should be a part of a healthy environment and return to a healthy home. By providing both education to children of all ages and job training for families, it creates a chain reaction towards bettering the community as a whole.

How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them? 

The need for content is more important than ever. These services often come at a cost, widening the gap between those with and without resources. I aspire for my work to bring the Karibu Centre’s message further to the forefront. Together we can enable the community to flourish, as well as leading by example to create positive change within their own community.

What message would you like to send to your supporters?

In a world where we often see the same images repeated over and over, my mission is to highlight the stories less told and give a voice to those without one. I believe in narrowing the gap of inequality and empowering those most underrepresented.