PWB sat down with Susan to discuss her upcoming project with Talking Through Art.

About Susan

Susan's photography journey began with the simple desire to capture better travel photos and has blossomed into a desire to make more of a lasting difference with her images. Recognizing that photography is a luxury far from the reach of many around the world, Susan joined PWB to offer her love of creating meaningful images to organizations in need of assistance.

Susan loves how photography allows her to convey what she and she alone sees, as well as the challenge of capturing the mood of what she's photographing. "There's just so much opportunity for growth with photography, with every session - whether it's a personal trip, a family portrait session, or an overseas adventure... And I just love getting my hands (and clothes) dirty to capture my unique perspective."

1. What makes you passionate about helping Talking Through Art (

In addition to photography, I work as a physiotherapist, which has allowed me the opportunity to travel to rural communities in developing countries to work with children with disabilities and their families. This has exposed me to a rather harsh reality: people with disabilities in many developing countries have an especially difficult time not only finding work, but being valued by their own communities, making it near impossible to break out of the poverty cycle or make a change to their quality of life. Talking Through Art, by providing vocational training and job opportunities for people with disabilities, is helping to bridge a wide gap of opportunity and respect. Not an easy task by any means, but one I hope will benefit from my passion for providing an accessible stepping stone to these communities, and giving them an opportunity to thrive.

2. How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them?

Often, it's difficult to understand the reality of a marginalized community without being immersed in it. With my photographs, I hope to bring to life an organization working to provide opportunities for those who are often forgotten, and the people whose lives are changing from their services. With the help of my background in physiotherapy, I hope to show that we're defined by more than our level of ability, and that no matter our circumstances, we all have a valued role to play in our communities.

3. What message would you like to send to your supporters?

I find it too easy to forget my good fortune in being able to travel the world, whether for a holiday, a volunteer trip or a photography project. With this trip, I will be fulfilling my passion for photography by helping Talking through Art tell their story to people around the world, in the hope of gaining awareness for their cause. I can't thank you enough for helping with this project, whether now with your donation, previously through your encouragement, or in the future with your thoughts. By acknowledging our good fortunes, together we can help improve the lives of those less fortunate than us.