Q1. What makes you passionate about helping EmpowerMen?

EmpowerMen coaches boys and men toward positive masculinity, which helps support the dreams of the women in their lives and reduce gender based violence. This relatively young organization is off to a promising start toward the UN s 5th Sustainable Development Goal: achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

As the son, husband, brther and father of empowered wom,en I heartily endorse EmpowerMen s initiatives and appreciate the importanoe of their mission for Madagascar and beyond.

Q2. How do you believe your photography can make a difference for them?

I would Iike my photos to help people in Madagascar and elsewhere understand, and then support, EmpowerMen s mission. I wilI use my visual storytelling skills to help them effectively communicate the benefits of their program and their sucess in implementing it across the schools, vulnerable communities and streets in which they work.

Q3. What message would I Ike to send to supporters?

I am ,excited to spend time with the staff of EmpowerMen in early 2020 to docum·ent the work they do helping men stand up for women s rights and to help them effectively communicate their story. Please join me in supporting this important and innovative program. With your help EmpowerMen can continue its work toward a peaceful Madagascar in which boys and men support women in a climate without discrimination.