As a mother and son team we are more than excited to work together as we embark on this adventure to assist EmpowerMen in Madagascar.  Our hope is to create moving photography and videography that will motivate more young men to become the changemakers needed in our challenging world.  To drive them to overcome barriers and set the pace for a new generation.

We are inspired by EmpowerMen Madagascar, who are dedicated to providing opportunities to those who might not otherwise have access to the skills or resources necessary to catapult them on to success.

We want to show the world their strength in saying ‘yes’ to standing up for equal rights and gender equality via their ‘He-for She' campaign. Boys and men can be the heroes we need them to be; to stand beside us as we continue to lay the foundation to create a world free of inequality.


As a lawyer I have been advocating for the vulnerable for almost 20 years. It was a natural progression for me to use my lens as a means to extend that advocacy in my photography.  I rose from a life of poverty and injustices, to achieve my goals, which became the motivation for my passion to help others.  My background affords me a unique perspective and provides me with tools to bring compassion and understanding to my work as a photographer.  I always strive to keep learning new things, about new places and cultures, and opening up my mind to new experiences.  I have an incurable case of wanderlust and feel so alive behind my camera.  

I have two children and a granddaughter, who is 8.  They travel with me a lot. In fact, my son, Julien will be joining me on some of these adventures to do videography. Julien is a talented musician, mastering the piano at a young age, is quick witted and very bright.  He aspires to be a computer programmer and is committed to social justice, being involved in various volunteer activities in our community and at school.