We are a part of the land. Water flows within us; those memories are there. When we have the opportunity to just be silent on the land and to open ourselves up, we can receive so much.

Carolynne Crawley is a Mi'kmaq woman with both African and Celtic ancestry. She has more than 25 years working experience supporting children and youth as a Child & Youth Worker and as an Educator. During her career she recognized a connection between a child’s diet and behaviour. This inspired her to return to school to study holistic nutrition. Since then Carolynne has been working with FoodShare Toronto for the past eight years. She has been involved with building school food gardens and developing curriculum linked workshops and educator trainings. She also facilitates a variety of wellness activities and team building sessions for staff to promote wellbeing within the workplace.

Carolynne is passionate about reconnecting with the land and sharing her knowledge of traditional skills, which include foraging for wild foods and medicines, tracking, bird language and more. She considers herself a naturalist and she is a staff member, in Ontario, of the international Art of Mentoring community, ‘a week long experience immersing participants in a living, learning culture of nature and self-awareness.’ She hopes one day this ancient knowledge becomes mainstream once again. Carolynne is also a Forest Therapy Guide, Mentor, and a Trainer in training. She guides walks in city parks to create opportunities for people to slow down and to deepen their connection to the more than human world through all of their senses.

Carolynne has been blending her nature awareness experiences and skills with food education at FoodShare through gratitude, story telling, sit spot, and sensory activities. Her dream is to be able to create space for people to reconnect with the land one being at a time.